ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate April 21, 2008

Jeff Newcomer, 2007-08 Senate President called the Senate to order at 4:04 pm.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of April 7, 2008 and Standing Committee minutes. 

§    Newcomer reported: 1) a faculty member is sought to speak at convocation; Newcomer promised this would be a fun event for both faculty and students; 2) a proposal is forthcoming from Vice President Pierce for East College Way’s bicycle lane, speed bumps and crosswalks; 3) university policies passed last year by President’s Council have been forwarded to Senate Executive Council for review.

§    President Morse announced that faculty can opt out of new daily press releases and can receive news in digest form, but that these news briefs should not be sent to “spam” mail folders.

§    Regarding accreditation, Morse reported that a statement will be sent so Western can review the factual data, but that Morse and Provost Murphy will hear the full report at a July meeting.  Morse noted that the accrediting team commended the faculty review process and how well WWU maintained the campus.  They recommended better campus communication, increased budget transparency, a plan for the library, and broader application by departments of assessment information. 

§    Provost Murphy promised to keep the campus apprised of a Performance Agreement draft and the  opportunity to deal with budget and growth trajectories inspired by the Higher Education Coordinating Board Master Plan.

§    Murphy announced that “Big Ole”, a steam whistle obtained from Georgia Pacific, will be tested on Sunday May 4th.  The whistle will be used to alert the campus to attend to cell phone or email messages in the event of an emergency.

§    Senators welcomed guest Gayle Shipley, Director of Central Health and Safety and offered their suggestions for improving pedestrian and bicycle lane safety and dismount policies.

§    Bill Lyne, UFWW President, reported that AAUP salary data indicates an increasing gap between Western and the faculty peer 75th percentile. Bargaining teams will meet again this week.

§    Senators reviewed versions of the Academic Coordinating Commission charge and will continue discussion of revisions at the next meeting.

§    Senators were reminded of next week’s JapanWeek events, including a “sit down comic” in Old Main Theater on Thursday, May 1 at 4 pm.

§   Senators adjourned at 6:01 p.m.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Contact:  Mick Cunningham or the Senate (Fax: 3100)

Faculty Vacancies on Senate Standing Committees

Academic Coordinating Commission (2 yr):  Areas B, C, F, I, one At-large.  (2 Senators, 1 rep to UPC, 1 rep to GER Cte, all 1 yr)

University Planning Council (3 yr)1 (Area A); 2 (Areas E,G,H,I); 1 Senator

Senate Library Committee (3 yr)1 Library faculty

Academic Technology Committee (2 yr ): 1 (CHSS), 2 (CST), 1 (CBE, Huxley, Woodring) appointed from College Technology Committees; 1 Senator (1 yr).

Vacancies on Standing Committees of the Academic Coordinating Commission (2 yr terms)

Admissions Committee:  3 (preferably not H, E, or I)

Assessment (Committee on the Assessment of Teaching and Learning): 3 to 5 faculty (B, H, D, E), Writing Program rep; Chair of Accountability workgroup.

General Education Requirements Committee5 (A, B and C); 4 (CFPA, CBE, Huxley, and Woodring).

Graduate Council: 3 from Grad Programs (A, B and C already represented).

Honors Program:  2 (at least one outside of CHSS)

International Programs Advisory: 4 faculty, broadly representative (not Area C)

Other University Committees Seeking Faculty

Judicial Appeals Board and Student Academic Grievance Board – 4 candidates for each, Provost appoints two and an alternate to each.

Academic Honesty Board –2 for staggered appointments through 2010