ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate May 19, 2008

Jeff Newcomer, 2007-08 Senate President, hosted Orientation for new Senators at 3 pm and called the regular Senate to order at 4:02 pm.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of May 5, 2008 and Standing Committee minutes. 

    Newcomer reported: 1) the Opportunity Appointment policy as passed by the Senate Fall Quarter is in its 30-day review period. The next step is approval by the Executive Policy Group and the Board of Trustees; 2) The Executive Council has identified two Business and Financial affairs policies for open review: verifying employment eligibility and placing a hold on faculty accounts; 3) subgroups are completing initial drafts for the Performance Agreements; and 4) President Morse is expected to announce the winner of a new Faculty Service award at the next meeting.

    Vice Provost Lawson, sitting in for both President Morse and Provost Murphy, announced that a national search for Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is being instituted at the request of President designate Shepard.  Please email Jeff Newcomer with volunteers or nominees for the search committee which expects to select a Provost by January 2009. 

    Bill Lyne, UFWW President, expressed cautious optimism that bargaining negotiations would be completed this week, as postponement would eliminate any possibility of ratification this Spring. 

    Senators reviewed obligations of the deputy legislative liaison 2008-2009 position, and learned that the nominee would be expected to attend a few legislative sessions in 2009 to learn the processes for representing faculty interests as preparation for being the 2010-2011 legislative liaison.  The legislative liaison gets release time and travel expenses to Olympia.  John Purdy will continue to serve as the 2009 legislative liaison.

    By Motion Senators unanimously approved revisions to ByLaw 7 of the Constitution: Committees, Councils, and Commissions which will allow faculty to serve on Standing Committees for up to six consecutive years.

    By Motion Senators approved a revised charge for the Academic Coordinating Commission, which provides that curricular committees of the colleges nominate the faculty who will be approved by the Senate to serve on the ACC. 

    Senators edited a revised Senate Library Committee charge which will be brought to a vote at the next meeting.

    Senators were reminded that all outgoing, continuing and new Senators were expected at the June 2nd meeting to complete Senate business.  The new Senate will confirm Matthew Liao-Troth as President 2008-2009, elect its officers, hear reports and appoint Standing Committee members.

    The final Senate meeting will be followed by Dinner which will begin with a reception at 6:15 in the Solarium. President Morse hosts the Senate Dinner as an opportunity for outgoing, continuing and new Senators as well as Standing Committee chairs to meet.

   Senators adjourned at 5:49 following a brief faculty caucus.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS Contact:  Mick Cunningham or the Senate (Fax: 3100)

Remaining Faculty Vacancies:

Legislative Liaison: 2010-2012

Academic Coordinating Commission:  1 Library Faculty, 1 Senator

University Planning Council:  1 faculty, 1 Senator (except A, B or C)

Academic Technology Committee: 1 Senator.   Faculty from each College Technology Committee

Assessment Committee (ACC):  3 to 5 faculty; Writing Program rep; Chair of Accountability workgroup.

Graduate Council (ACC): 1 from College Graduate Programs (preferably E, D, G, or H)

Other University Committees

Judicial Appeals Board and Student Academic Grievance Board 4 candidates for each, Provost appoints two and an alternate.  Academic Honesty Board 1 through 2010.  Academic Fees Committee 1 (meets once during year). LGBT Concerns Committee 3.  Parking Appeals Board 1