ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate June 2, 2008


Completion of 2008 Senate Business

Jeff Newcomer, 2007-08 Senate President called the Senate to order at 4:03 pm.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of May 19, 2008 and Standing Committee minutes.  Ira Hyman, Past President, raised questions about the efficiency rating of new campus buildings referred to in the UPC minutes of 5/7/2008.

§    Newcomer announced the following faculty were nominated by the Executive committee as candidates for the Provost Search Committee: Jeanne Armstrong, Deborah Donovan, Craig Dunn, Bob Keiper, and Bill Lyne.  Alternates are Ira Hyman, David Bover, and Doug Park.  President Morse will be in discussion with President Shepard about constituting the committee membership.

§    President Morse announced that Pinky Nelson was chosen as recipient of a newly created Faculty Service Award.  Additional awards were given to the following faculty:  Bob Keiper, Excellence in Teaching; Jim Vyvyan, Peter J. Elich Excellence in Teaching, Dan Boxberger, Olscamp Award;  Admissions Group: Karen Copetas, Director, Diversity Award.

§    Morse will complete discussion of the proposed Decision Packages at the PPRC meeting scheduled for Wednesday.  Morse hopes that the prioritized choices will reverberate with legislators.

§    By secret ballot Senators voted to reject a revised Academic Coordinating Commission charge. The Senate plans to revisit the process of selecting faculty members to ACC in the fall.

§    Senators resolved to thank and acknowledge with appreciation the service of Jeff Newcomer as Senate President in 2007-08  This concluded the business of the 2007-2008 Senate.

Seating of the 2008-2009 Faculty Senate:

Jeff Newcomer, President pro tem called the ROLL for the seating of the 2008-2009 Faculty Senate. Matthew Liao-Troth, 2008-2009 Senate President who assumes office on June 24th, announced the following slate of Executive Officers which the Senate approved unanimously:  Dan Larner, Vice President and Parliamentarian, President-elect 2009-2010; Chuck Lambert, Secretary; Tracy Coskie, Elections Officer, John Friesen, At-Large Representative; John Purdy, Legislative Liaison (continuing).  The Executive also includes as non-voting members:  Jeff Newcomer, Past President, Roger Thompson, Chair of the ACC, and Tom Downing, Chair of UPC.

§    Senators heard reports from Chairs of Senate Standing Committees. Senators thanked John Purdy for his continued service at Legislative Liaison.  Senators heard a recommendation that a permanent Senate Standing Committee on Diversity be created.

§    Senators by motion approved publication of a revised Senate Library Committee Charge.

§    Senators resolved unanimously to thank those who negotiated the first contract between UFWW and Western Washington University.

§    Senators resolved unanimously to commit to revising the Faculty Handbook and to request the Board of Trustees to honor the remaining sections of the Handbook that do not conflict with the ratified contract.

Constituent Concerns:  Senators heard 1) that the Library shortfall is $431,000, the minimum amount needed to maintain the current level of departmental journals through the next biennium.  Currently over 225 journals in Business, the Humanities and the Sciences may have to be cut due high subscription cost.  President Morse will bring this to the attention of President Shepard; 2) that a clear separation is needed in the WWU email system of informational items from emergency items.

Adjournment.  President Morse thanked the Senate and the entire faculty for their work in service, teaching and research, and asked for continuation of this through August 31st, her last day of service as President.  Senators thanked Karen Morse and praised her for her service and attendance at over 15 years of Senate meetings.  Ira Hyman urged Senators to attend the Pacific Northwest Ballet production of Aladdin this coming weekend; faculty will be appearing in the show.  Senators adjourned at 5:40 p.m.

§    Senators are reminded that President Morse will host the Senate Dinner on Wednesday, June 11 in the Solarium.  Reception at 6:15, Dinner at 7 pm..



APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS –Mick Cunningham, Appointments Officer

The following faculty were elected by the Senate:

Deputy Legislative Liaison:  Marsha Riddle-Buly, Elementary Education

At-Large Senator (1 year term):  Chris Friday, History

To:  Academic Coordinating Commission:  Julie Helling, Fairhaven; Kristi Tyran, Management; Billie Lindsey, PEHR; Sylvia Tag, Library.  Spencer Anthony Cahill, Chemistry, as Senator (1 yr term).  Roger Anderson, ACC rep to UPC

To: University Planning CouncilBob Keiper, Teacher Ed; David Carroll, Teacher Ed; Scott Pearce, as Senator (1 yr term)

To Academic Technology CommitteeChris Suczek, Geology; Lauren McClanahan, Woodring;

Eva Baharav, CSD; Bob Thomas, Libraries

To Senate Library Committee (3 yr term)Margaret Fast, Library Faculty

To Other University Committees:  Academic Fee Committee – Jackie Baker Sennett, Human Services; Parking Appeals Board – Jennifer Devenport; LGBT Concerns Committee:  Kristi Lemm, Psychology, Jen Lois, Sociology, Timothy Fitzpatrick, Music.


Faculty Nominees to be appointed (updated 6-16-08):

ACC Appoints: Assessment Committee, Susan Kincaid, Woodring, Janice Lapsansky, Biology.

Provost Appoints: Student Academic Grievance Board – Scott Stevens, English;  Masanori Deguchi, Modern & Class Lang; Tara Perry, Communication. 

Judicial Appeals Board - Raquel Montoya-Lewis, Fairhaven;  John Krieg, Economics. 

Academic Honesty Board – (1 yr) – Jackie Baker Sennett, Woodring; Kate Stables, Mathematics;  Vinit Jagdesh, Economics


Faculty Vacancies remaining:

Academic Technology Committee, 1 Senator and representatives from Huxley, CBE, CHSS

Graduate Council:  1 faculty, ten or tentrack

Assessment committee: 2 faculty

Student Publications Council: 3 faculty (CHSS, Library)