ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate October 13, 2008

Matthew Liao-Troth, 2008-09 Senate President called the Senate to order at 4:01 pm.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of September 29, 2008 and Standing Committee minutes. 

§    Liao-Troth reported: a) Randy Stegmeier, Public Safety Officer, will review current parking policies; b) “Big Oley” will be tested on Sunday, October 19th; c) only 40% of the faculty have signed up for PIERS; d) Senate packet materials will be delivered via email on a trial basis; e) EOO office will review five categories of opportunity hire procedures before they come to the Senate.

§    President Shepard noted that we are playing in the dark until the state economic forecast is released in November, but that budget cuts could undermine the progress of 15 years.

§    Shepard proposed emphasizing the Leadership Advantage as a distinguishing characteristic of Western and a way of achieving prominence. 

§    Shepard asked for Senate input on awarding potential honorary doctorate degrees to individuals worthy of recognition in terms of life achievement, when approved by the legislature. 

§    Provost Murphy continues work on the Performance Agreements and suggested that our emphasis may be on capital funding, especially the waterfront.

§    By motions the Senate voted to approve the revised Senate Library Committee charge and revised Academic Coordinating Commission charge.

§    Senators edited revisions to Sections I through V of the Faculty Handbook, prior to adjournment at 5:40 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS –Tracy Coskie, Appointments Officer

The following faculty were appointed by the Senate:

To Academic Coordinating Commission, Fall QtrVictor Nolet, Woodring, replacing Marsha Riddle Buly; Jason Kanov, Management, replacing Kristi Tyran.

The following faculty have volunteered to serve on the Student Publications Council:

Kent Smith, Art; Sheila Webb, Journalism; Ying Li, PEHR