ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate October 27, 2008

Matthew Liao-Troth, 2008-09 Senate President, called the Senate to order at 4:04 pm. Senators accepted Senate minutes of October 15, 2008 and Standing Committee minutes. 

§    Liao-Troth reported: a) that he attended the President’s Council as Faculty Senate President; b) that new software may allow for some simplification in changing course numbering; c) that originating faculty are sending out invitation to join the WWU Sustainability Academy.

§    Executive Council actions:  Members suspended the 4-year term limit to allow a standing committee member remain chair for 2008-2009. 

§    Constituent Concerns:  a) the General Studies program may soon be housed in a college unit in order to provide quality oversight; b) podium stands in classrooms still do not provide knee room for teaching faculty who wish to sit at the computer.

§    Liao-Troth conducted a straw vote whereby Senators chose to continue to receive Senate packets via campus mail.  A PDF file will be sent via email.

§    President Shepard is drafting principles and strategies to deal with the budget crisis and will solicit faculty feedback.  Shepard wants to insure that tuition increases do not hurt students.

§    Shepard reported that Waterfront plans appear to be crystallizing, and he hopes to facilitate cooperation among community stakeholders. 

§    Provost Murphy asked Senators to remind colleagues about recent sophisticated “phishing” and that WWU or ATUS will never ask for your login or password. 

§    Murphy may call on faculty to assist in the Washington State Quality Award application due on December 15th

§    Murphy heard Senators report on the limited success of Sunday’s “big Ole” test, and noted that speaker devices and cell phone test messaging would supplement such a warning.

§    Bill Lyne, President UFWW, reported that the unions plan a united front before the governor in January to ensure that K-16 funding remains intact; that the deadline for applying for special merit is December 1st;  and that Evergreen’s contract settlement (details on their website), completes the initial union contracts of the 6 regional baccalaureates.

§    Senators continued review of the Faculty Handbook and voted to adjourn at 6:02 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS –Tracy Coskie, Appointments Officer

Coskie announced that Michael Karlberg, Communication, was appointed the Senate representative to the Student Technology Fee Committee

VACANCYAcademic Technology Committee:  One Senator through 2009.