ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate September 29, 2008

Matthew Liao-Troth, 2008-09 Senate President called the Senate to order at 4:00 pm.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of June 2, 2008 and Standing Committee minutes.  Senators welcomed President Bruce Shepard who commended Western’s outstanding faculty.

§    Liao-Troth welcomed Craig Dunn, Chair of the Provost Search Committee who emphasized efforts to effect a transparent process and referred Senators to http://www.wwu.edu/provostsearch/ 

§    Senators heard constituent concerns: a)  Previous bicycle policy language is undergoing the 30-day review period; b) the Executive Dining Committee determined not to pass judgment on political activities of Sodexho vendors as long as Sodexho policies are harmonious with university policies and hiring policies are non-discriminatory; c) Senators ask for an automatic default for delivering repetitive teaching evaluations to faculty; d) faculty requested a code be assigned for classroom technology to include slide projectors.

§    President Shepard prefers the use of the term “Course Reaction Survey” to the term “teaching evaluation” which he suggested is semantically confusing. 

§    Shepard reported on budget forecasts and suggested that clarification will come with the election of the next governor. Shepard and the budget office are working to develop a clear process.

§    Shepard will invite the President of the Senate to be part of the President’s Council in anticipation of continued transparency and issue sharing.

§    Provost Murphy reported he continues to refine the Performance Agreement draft although an October 1st meeting in Olympia has been cancelled. 

§    Murphy is beginning the search for the Distinguished Professor for the Leadership Institute.  He has asked colleges to prioritize search requests while awaiting clarification on the budget.

§    Bill Lyne, President UFWW, suggested urgency is required for departments to develop policies for post tenure evaluation, which now requires satisfactory review in 3 out of 3 areas.  Lyne suggested there is room to write broad criteria, and that departments retain sovereignty in their policies.  Departments must also develop a process for promoting eligible adjunct faculty to the rank of senior instructor. 

§    Senators passed a motion to postpone a second vote on the Senate Library Committee minutes until all faculty have had time to review the text.

§    Senators passed a motion to accept a revision to the Academic Coordinating Commission charge that allows for members to continue to be appointed by the Senate. 

§    Senators reviewed revisions to Sections I through III of the Faculty Handbook, prior to adjournment at 5:50 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS –Tracy Coskie, Appointments Officer

The following faculty were appointed by the Senate:

To Academic Coordinating CommissionJoanne Carney, Woodring, through 2009

To Academic Technology CommitteeTroy Abel, Huxley College; Derrick Mears, PEHR, and Mike Seilo, CSD (through 2009).