ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate March 9, 2009

Matthew Liao-Troth, 2008-09 Senate President, called the Senate to order at 4:04 pm. Senators accepted Senate minutes of February 23, 2009 and Standing Committee minutes. 

·   Liao-Troth announced that DVDs have been prepared with examples of teaching and research for the March 18th “Faculty Serving Washington” Day. 

·    President Shepard relayed a story from the dean of UW’s School of Medicine that 30% of Western applicants earn admission, but only 15% of the applicants from the University of Washington earn admission to the medical school.

·   Shepard pointed out that no decisions have been made in the budget proposals that will be posted to the web this week.  The proposals, the results of several months’ work, must follow the process that was used to arrive at the percentages and openly show how particular proposals follow logically from previous analyses. 

·   Shepard announced that the open budget meetings to be held on March 18th and 19th (to be webcast) will be a listening opportunity.  Shepard added that the real budget work is done initially in finding alternatives and principles. 

·   Provost Murphy announced that he has completed the promotion and tenure cycle for this year, and was privileged during the process to be reminded of faculty excellence. 

·   Steve Vanderstaay, VPUE, announced that a pilot test of online teaching evaluations will occur this fall.

·    Andrea Goddard, Associated Students Vice President-Academics reported that the AS Board is currently considering an increase to the Student Technology fee from $17 to $25.

·   Bill Lyne, President UFWW, reported 1) that UFWW and the CFR are working to ensure that faculty are appointed to the legislative boards that are expected to effect large systematic changes in the State of Washington in the coming years; 2) Lyne and WEA are focused on ensuring that the rules governing distribution of the federal stimulus money are adhered to with regard to Higher Education; 3) faculty can expect to see calls for nominations for UFWW officers in the upcoming election cycle.

·    Constituent Concerns:  Liao-Troth reported that despite setbacks due to illness the university Special Merit Committee will be meeting twice in the upcoming week to complete its work.

·    Faculty discussed a draft revision of the charge to the University Planning Council which proposes an expanded role in the budgeting process, and includes Vice Presidents and a larger faculty membership.

·    Faculty discussed an administrative review process supported by President Shepard and adopted from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay prior to adjournment at 5:47 p.m.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS (updated) –Tracy Coskie, Appointments Officer

The following faculty has been nominated to represent their areas in the Senate elections 

(Numbers after the hyphen indicate the candidates required for that Area):

Area A-4: Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Chemistry; Chris Suczek, Geology, 2 additional

Area B-3:  Mick Cunningham, Sociology; 2 additional

Area C-4:  Thomas Downing, Philosophy; Daniel Rangel-Guerrero, MC&L; Ryan Wasserman, Philosophy;  2 additional

Area D-1:  Erin Hazard, Art

Area E-1:  1 faculty

Area F-1:   John Fedora, Fairhaven

Area H-1:  Joanne Carney, Woodring; Bridget Kelley, Woodring



Thursday, 12 March

Open forum with Paul Bauer, CFPA Dean Candidate, 4pm, FH 3


Friday, 13 March

Senate and UFWW with Paul Bauer, CFPA Dean Candidate, 2pm OM 465