ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate April 20, 2009

Matthew Liao-Troth, 2008-09 Senate President, called the Senate to order at 4:04 pm. Senators accepted Senate minutes of April 6, 2009.  Standing Committee minutes were approved, including a motion by ACC to create a Committee on Undergraduate Education. 

·   Liao-Troth announced: 1) Faculty with views on bicycle and skateboard policies are invited to attend the hearing for proposed changes to the WAC on Wednesday at 3 pm in OM340; 2) Faculty are invited to meet the candidate for Bookstore manager at 3 pm this Friday in VU567.

·   President Shepard reported: 1) the new Provost,to be announced on Tuesday is someone who understands what distinguishes Western and is willing to lead by listening;  2) we are challenged to position ourselves politically in a state with a populist culture; 3) Banner can help develop a proper chart of accounts for the university beginning at the department and program level.

·   Provost Murphy reported that Limited Term Faculty (LTF) with only two quarter contracts will not be disadvantaged in terms of health insurance.

·    Andrea Goddard, Associated Students Vice President-Academics reported 1) AS elections are underway; 2) AS appreciated the clarification of budget matters from the President and Provost.

·    Bill Lyne, President UFWW, reported that UFWW and the administration signed the Memo of Understanding to delay funding the special merit awards until September 15, 2010 before the recipients were announced.

·   Lyne reported that UFWW is starting discussions on the six campuses on how higher education budget problems must resonate across the state; if we accept drastic cuts then this will become the norm. Lyne added that tuition increases may seem large but amount to only $600 per year, far less than the cost of staying an extra year at the university because of access problems 

·   Faculty and staff are still encouraged to visit www.ufww.org for user friendly letters which must be sent from home addresses, not state emails.  Additional information on legislators is available from http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rosters/default.aspx

·    Constituent Concerns include 1) failure to notify students and faculty working in the Chemistry building in the evening that a SWOT exercise was to be held; 2) discounts offered to faculty for gym access may offset stress and impact health insurance; 3) a request to charge gym membership via regular payroll deductions rather than once a year; 4) respect and honor are due to Western’s exceptional faculty who received special merit despite the fact that the award will be delayed..

·    MOTION ON UPRC CHARGE. In a required second Senate vote, Senators passed a Motion approving the creation of the University Planning and Resources Council.  Faculty can now be appointed to the committee which will meet for the first time on Wednesday, June 3 in OM340 at 4 pm.

·    Senators will vote on whether to participate in the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) online survey of faculty satisfaction after checking whether you can “opt out” of answering self-identifying questions.

·    Senators moved to a faculty caucus at 5:24 and adjourned at 5:35 pm.

APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS –Tracy Coskie, Appointments Officer

Coskie reported that the online voting system for the Senate election showed an increased faculty response over the use of paper ballots. The following faculty were elected to the 2009-2011 Faculty Senate: Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Chemistry; Branko Curgis, Mathematics; David Hartenstine, Mathematics; Chris Suczek, Geology; Mick Cunningham, Sociology; Mike Mana, Psychology; Vicki Hsueh, Political Science; Kristin Denham, English; Daniel Rangel-Guerrero, MC&L; Ryan Wasserman, Philosophy; Michiko Yusa, M&CL; Erin Hazard, Art; Shawn Knabb, Economics; John Feodorov, Fairhaven; Joanne Carney, Elementary Education.

Candidates are sought for Standing Committees; please contact the Senate Office via email.  College governing bodies are invited to select their faculty representative to the UPRC.

Senate Standing Committees: Vacancies and Candidates (4/20/09)

Academic Coordinating Commission

7 Vacancies:  Areas A, D, E, G, H, and 2 Senators

Candidates 2009-2011:  Roger Anderson, Biology;  Spencer Anthony-Cahill (as Senator, 1 yr term); Cynthia Camlin, Art


Academic Technology Committee

5 Vacancies: 

Technology committee appointees from CHSS, Fairhaven, CBE, CFPA, and 1 Senator

Candidates 2009-2011:  Kacey Morrow, CFPA


Senate Library Committee

4 Vacancies:  from Areas A, B, C, D, F, G, H and 1 Senator (no Area E)


University Planning and Resources Council

12 Vacancies:  8 faculty appointed by the Colleges from:  CBE, CST, CHSS, CFPA, Huxley, Fairhaven, Woodring, and the Library.

Senate apportions 2 additional faculty, 1 Senator, and a Chair. 

ACC appoints 1 rep to UPRC (Candidates:  ACC rep:  Roger Anderson, Biology)


Legislative Liaison 2009-2011:  Marsha Riddle Buly

Deputy legislative liaison: 2010, Legislation Liaison 2011-2013:  John Purdy


Faculty Development Grants Committee

4 Vacancies:  4 faculty nominees required.

Provost appoints two through 2011.  Alternates also appointed.

Candidate:  Julia Sapin, Art