ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate April 6, 2009

Matthew Liao-Troth, 2008-09 Senate President, called the Senate to order at 4:04 pm. Senators accepted Senate minutes of March 9, 2009 and Standing Committee minutes. 

·    Liao-Troth announced:  1) Senate Executive and UFWW will meet with the final Provost candidate this week; 2) the Board of Trustees approved the revised Constitution of the Faculty and accepted Bylaw revisions; 3)  the Academic Coordinating Commission has formed a standing Committee on Undergraduate Education. The ACC’s minutes that include this action will be reviewed at the next Senate meeting.

·   President Shepard noted that Washington’s proposed budget cuts to higher education would be among the highest in the nation.  Shepard pointed out that tuition increases for families with incomes under $160,000 are neutral because of the revenue tax credit provided by the Obama administration. Shepard urged continued pressure to remind legislators that cuts to higher education will cost Washington its status as a global challenge state and decimate a decade’s progress.

·   Shepard asked for faculty input on his proposal that Distinguished Faculty Awards be given in front of colleagues at the Convocation Breakfast in the Fall rather than at Spring Commencement.

·   Steve VanderStaay, VPUE, announced that the newsletter "PRAXIS" will summarize recent assessment demonstrations of the university's successes. VanderStaay has charged the OIART to review variables that delay time-to-degree for students.

·    Andrea Goddard, Associated Students Vice President-Academics, reported a good turnout for the AS election campaign which began this week.  Goddard added that an increase in computer lab access ought to balance the decrease in faculty projects which were funded by the student technology fee.

·    Bill Lyne, President UFWW, congratulated Special Merit recipients who are postponing receipt of the awards in order to help fund access to students and to preserve non tenure track jobs. Those with questions should contact Lyne directly.

·    Lyne announced a general UFWW meeting April 16 when nominations for officers will conclude. 

·   Faculty and staff are encouraged to visit www.ufw.org for user friendly letters which must be sent from home addresses, not state emails.  Additional information on legislators is available from http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rosters/default.aspx

·    Constituent Concerns include complaints that 1) some students have not received their textbooks; 2) a FEDEX truck continues to drive across brick walkways during times of heaviest pedestrian traffic.

·    MOTION FROM EXECUTIVE COUNCIL.  Senators passed a Motion approving the revised charge to the University Planning Council (see text below). The name has been changed to University Planning and Resources Council and membership has been increased to include faculty representatives from every college and the library as well as the vice presidents. A second vote will take place at the next Senate meeting following publication to the faculty.

·    Senators reviewed minutes from 2006 which presented the initial process for evaluating administrators and then moved to adjourn at 5:04 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS –Tracy Coskie, Appointments Officer

Senate Elections.  Please encourage constituents to vote in the Senate elections next week which will be conducted through an online ballot. Voting faculty will receive emails with a link and will be asked to enter their universal login and password to access the ballot for their area.

To the Faculty Senate:

Mike Mana, Psychology, Area B candidate.  There is one additional vacancy from Area B.

To Faculty Development Grants:  Four nominees, of which two will be appointed.  Vacancies are for representatives from CHSS and CBE.





(Second vote will take place April 20, 2009)

BL7.5        University Planning and Resources Council  [formerly Appendix D]

      The University Planning and Resources Council (UPRC) shall be responsible to the Faculty Senate for the formation and review of policy and procedures in all aspects of University Planning and allocation of resources, with special emphasis on matters of concern to the faculty. The responsibilities of the UPRC shall include: 

            1.   Assuring that the council is well-informed about issues regarding planning at the University, as well as its financial operations and financial status.

2.   Regular review of the University Strategic Plan, either on the UPRC's own initiative, or as requested by the President, the Provost, or the Faculty Senate.

3.   Recommendation of priorities to be used in preparing the University's biennial operating and capital budget request, in the allocation of appropriated resources, and in consideration of budget reductions.

4.   Examination of resource implications for major changes in the academic program.  From time to time the Council will review the adequacy of the resources devoted to existing programs.

5.   Participation in the allocation of resources appropriated by the legislature and review of how allocated resources are used at the University.   It is not the role of the UPRC to attempt to direct or control the planning and budgetary process within the colleges and non-academic units, other than to provide broad general priorities.


BL7.5.1    Membership of the UPRC shall be as follows:   a Thirteen (13) faculty members to include:

·       One faculty representative from each of the Colleges and the Library appointed by the respective college or library faculty governance body for two year terms (8);

·       two at-large faculty apportioned by the Faculty Senate and appointed by the respective college or library faculty governance body annually (2);

·       one faculty elected by and from the ACC annually (1);

·       one faculty elected by and from the Faculty Senate annually (1), and

·       a Chair appointed by the Faculty Senate for a two year term (1).

b.   the Associated Students Vice President for Academic Affairs, and one student appointed by the Associated Students Board of Directors annually;

c.   one representative of the classified staff appointed annually;

d.   one representative of the Professional Staff Organization appointed annually;

e.   the  Executive Director of University Planning and Budgeting, ex officio, non-voting;

f.   each university vice president or representative, ex officio, voting, including the Vice Presidents of 1) Academic Affairs, 2) Business and Financial Affairs, 3) Student Affairs and Academic Support Services, 4) University Advancement, and 5) University Relations.

University Planning and Resources Council members are appointed Spring Quarter.  The members of the Council will elect a vice chairperson each spring after the appointment of new members to the Council. 

The chair will receive released time of 0.33 FTEF release time, unless changed by the Faculty contract, from other duties to carry out the responsibilities of his/her office. The partial FTEF shall be returned to the UPRC chair's unit. The Provost shall arrange administrative support for the UPRC.


BL7.5.2      Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the UPRC shall be made up of the chairperson, vice chairperson, the Associated Students Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Provost.  The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the meeting agendas, and is empowered to cancel meetings if there is not sufficient business or call extra meetings if they are necessary to complete business.  The recorder also attends.  


BL7.5.3      Meetings

The UPRC will meet fortnightly on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.  Copies of the approved minutes of meetings shall be forwarded to the Faculty Senate for review as soon as possible.