ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate May 18, 2009

Matthew Liao-Troth, 2008-09 Senate President, called the Senate to order at 4:02 pm. Senators accepted Senate minutes of May 4, 2009 as well as Standing Committee minutes.

·   Liao-Troth reported on constituent concerns:  1) that Tim Wynn of Facilities Management has undertaken to correct the problems with the doors in Arntzen; 2) that graduation procedures have changed because there is no easy way for the outstanding graduates to easily approach the stage with the current positioning of faculty. 

·   President Shepard reported that the legislature is adjourned and the budget must be finalized for adoption by the Board of Trustees.  Matthew Liao-Troth thanked Shepard for his open discussions and full disclosure to the campus. 

·   Shepard reported that $5000 can solve the bike rack problem, but that everybody will need patience when the Miller Hall renovation begins. 

·    Bill Lyne, President UFWW, announced that the emissaries from the two bargaining teams have begun to meet. Lyne plans to send out announcements about the end of the year party at the Depot Market.

·    Ron Helms, Senate Library Committee Chair announced that the Library’s Strategic Plan has been posted on the Library website for public review and response.

·    Motion from Executive Council:  Senators voted unanimously to approve the incorporation of the most up-to-date college and library faculty governance documents as Appendices to the Faculty Handbook. The intent is that changes, including changes in unit names or structures, or the titles of documents, be automatically incorporated as soon as they are approved without further formal action by the Senate.

·    Senators discussed measures to ensure the faculty’s continuing participation in the “Senior Administrative Leader Feedback and Review Process”. The Senate will vote to incorporate language to that effect in the Faculty Handbook Article II.B.2, and to include sample review questions in the Handbook Appendix.  The Senate Executive committee appoints a designee to conduct the review which is shared confidentially with the administrator who is then given the opportunity for public response.

·   Senators discussed Western’s off-campus programs and plan to draft a white paper with Provost Murphy that presents a series of options and alternatives to meet our community and the HEC Board needs for the future. A full campus discussion of the purpose and role of Extended Education at Western is deemed essential to catch up with nationwide advances.

·   Senators support the continuation of the double seating at the Senate dinner on June 1st, as an opportunity to meet new colleagues.

·    Senators adjourned at 5:14 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS –Tracy Coskie, Appointments Officer

To the Academic Coordinating Commission: Brandon Dupont, Economics, replacing Yvonne Durham, Economics, Fall Quarter.


Academic Coordinating Commission:  1 representative from Huxley College, 2009-2011

Academic Technology Committee:  1 representative from CBE, 2009-2011

University Planning and Resources Council:  8 faculty from colleges and Library (elected by local governing councils) – 1st meeting Wednesday June 3, 2009