ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate June 1, 2009

Matthew Liao-Troth, President pro tem, called the 2008-2009 Senate to order at 4:02 pm and called the roll of the 2009-2010 Senate which then elected its Executive Council as follows:  Daniel Larner, President; Scott Pearce, Vice President and Parliamentarian; Chuck Lambert, Appointments and Elections Officer; Karen Stout, Secretary; Michiko Yusa, At-Large representative; Marsha Riddle Buly, Legislative Liaison.  Non-voting members of the Executive Council include Steve Garfinkle, UFWW President; Roger Thompson, Chair of the Academic Coordinating Commission, and Jeff Newcomer, Chair of University Planning and Resources Council. Senators accepted Senate minutes of May 18, 2009 as well as Standing Committee minutes.

·    Motion from the Executive Council:  Senators voted to approve policy on faculty participation in Senior Administrative Review and to add the words “and institutional and administrative effectiveness” to the end of Article III.1 of the Constitution.

·    Senators resolved by acclimation to honor Liao-Troth, for his service to the faculty and to shared governance as President of the Senate. 

·    President Shepard added his thanks to the Senate’s appreciation for the work of Liao-Troth, and then reported that the final budget is ready for the Board of Trustees.

·    Provost Murphy reported that early registration has gone more smoothly than might have been expected despite 1900 freshmen who had not completed enough coursework to become sophomores. Murphy expects that difficulties will work themselves out during add/drop week.  

·    Ramon Rinonos-Diaz, newly elected Associated Students Vice President, Academics, expressed appreciation to the Senate for welcoming him warmly to the first of many meetings in his new role.

·    Bill Lyne, President UFWW, welcomed Steve Garfinkle, newly elected President of UFWW.  Lyne also thanked Liao-Troth for the tremendous amount of work that went into the new faculty handbook alignment with the faculty contract ensuring the smoothest transition in the State.

·    Senators honored Thomas Downing by expressing appreciation for his long years of service as Chair of the Academic Coordinating Commission, the University Planning Council, and as member of the Executive Council.

·    Constituent Concerns included:  1) ATUS failed to notify faculty that Blackboard was dysfunctional; 2) inopportune repair of the bricks in front of Parks Hall has severely limited access.

·    Senators discussed academic freedom issues arising in connection with Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma. Senators passed a MOTION authorizing the Executive Council to investigate and draft an appropriate letter to the concerned universities on behalf of the Senate, with the proviso that the letter and rationale is shared and the Senate will solicit faculty comments before mailing. 

·    Senators heard reports from John Purdy, Legislative Liaison, and from the Chairs of Standing Committees prior to adjournment at 5:20 p.m.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Chuck Lambert, Appointments Officer

Senators appointed faculty to the following:  Faculty Senate:  Elizabeth Stephan, Library, replacing Stefanie Buck. Academic Coordinating Commission (2 yr):  Tracy Thorndike-Christ; Yvonne Durham; Mark Kuntz; Cynthia Camlin (replacing Kristi Tyran, At Large, Fall and Winter, 2009-2010); Roger Anderson; Midori Takagi (1 year replacing J. Helling); Spencer Anthony-Cahill as Senator; James Hearne as Senator; David Shull.  Academic Technology Committee (2 yr) :  Derrick Mears; Michael Seilo (1 yr term); Kacey Morrow; Deepinder Bajwa; Gary Bornzin.  University Planning and Resources Council (1 yr): Scott Pearce, as Senator; Roger Anderson, as ACC Representative; Hart Hodges, CBE; Madge Gleeson, CFPA; Barbara Mathers-Schmidt, CHSS; Brad Johnson, CST; Larry Estrada, Fairhaven; Jean Melious, Huxley, Robert Lopresti, Library.  Senate Library Committee (3 yr):

Other University CommitteesLGBT Concerns:  Brandon DuPont; Bridget Kelley; Diana Wright; Kathleen Kennedy; Raine Dozier; Kristen Larson; Craig Dunn