ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate September 28, 2009

Daniel Larner, Faculty Senate President, called the 2009-2010 Senate to order at 4:02 pm.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of June 1, 2009 as well as Standing Committee minutes.

  President Larner reported on the following: a) faculty volunteers are sought to test upgrades in Blackboard; b) ideas regarding enrollment planning are welcomed in consideration of future university plans to attract students; c) Academic freedom issues the Senate charged the Exec Council to investigate rapidly became moot, but there may be new issues regarding developments in the Ward Churchill case; d) Steven VanderStaay,Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, is seeking faculty volunteers to assist in review of accreditation standards.

  President Shepard welcomed Senators and thanked those who participated in his 360 evaluation.  Shepard reported that the university has to advise the legislature on strategies for an additional 2% cut to the university budget which will hit in the 2nd year of the biennium.  Shepard hopes that a new capital planning process involving UPRC will be web accessible and enable people to view their position in a queue to get tasks accomplished.  Shepard noted that Riordanís leadership had directed conversation at the HEC Board to the existent capacity in the baccalaureates as an alternative to building new campuses. Shepard seeks feedback on the establishment of additional faculty and staff awards during convocation.

  Provost Riordan was welcomed by the Senate and presented a timeline for university-wide discussion of the White Papers on Graduate Education at Western this fall, Allied Health this winter, and International Education, and Extended Education the following quarters.  Faculty are encouraged to view related information on her website. 

  Ramon Rinonos-Diaz, Associated Students Vice President, Academics, requested faculty to encourage students in their classes to register to vote in the general elections.

  Vicki Hamblin, UFWW Vice President reported on successful bargaining outcomes and announced times for faculty to vote to ratify the new contract.  Hamblin was acknowledged by Dean Roger Gilman for bargaining procedures that were full of mutual respect, candor and positive results.

  Constituent Concerns included a request as to whether carpool parking spaces are still available in 14G, and a comment that Stop signs near the Communications facility could be hazardous. 

  Senators heard a report from Steve Sulkin, Chair of the Graduate Education Advisory Committee. Sulkin stressed that the university should develop a set of strategic principles governing the expansion or addition of any graduate program, including Professional Science Masterís Degrees and clinical/professional doctorates in selected fields.

  Motion:  Senators moved to approve the appointment of one additional faculty member from the Graduate Council and one additional faculty member from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to sit on the UPRC as provided in the charge.  Faculty are chosen from areas that may receive additional attention in the coming year because of the timeline provided by Provost Riordan.

  Senators discussed recommendations for new faculty and staff awards and Karen Stout volunteered to sit on an awards committee.

  Following a short break Senators moved to a faculty caucus at 5:39 pm  and moved to adjourn at 5:54 pm

APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS Ė Chuck Lambert, Appointments Officer

Karen Stout filled in for Lambert and Senators appointed faculty to the following: 

Academic Coordinating Commission:  Peter Smith for Sylvia Tag, Library, thru 2010Niall O Murchu, Fairhaven for Midori Takagi Fall and Spring quarter.  University Planning and Resources Council: Keith Hyatt, Woodring.  Paul Stangl, Huxley, for Jean Melious thru 201.  Academic Technology Committee: Senator  Chris Suczek, Geology.

 Faculty appointments to Other University Committees:

Branding Leadership Committee:  Dan Purdy, MBA Program; Johann Neem, History; LeaAnn Martin, PEHR

Search Committee for Director Institutional Research: Takela Seda, Physics; John Krieg, Economics; Gerry Prody, Chemistry.  Student Technology Fee Committee:  Bob Thomas from Academic Technology Committee 2009-2011.

Cold Beverage Committee: Kathryn Anderson, Fairhaven, 2009-2011. Central Health and Safety:  Brandi Row, PEHR, thru 2013Campus Dining Committee:  Nancy Johnson, English; Executive Dining Committee: Victor Nolet, Wooding, thru 2011.