ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate April 19, 2010

Scott Pearce, Vice President and Parliamentarian, called the 2009-2010 Senate to order at 4:03 pm as Senate President Larner was ill.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of April 5, 2010 and Standing Committee minutes.

·         Vice President Pearce reported that remaining Senate meetings include a presentation by Vice Provost John Lawson, discussions of the General Studies program, and the White Paper for Extended Education and Summer Programs.  Orientation for new Senators is at 3 pm on Monday, May 17th.

·         President Shepard reported that planning units are about to consider budget cuts and he asked faculty to reserve judgment about “across-the-board” cuts.  Presentations over the next two days are based on a larger budget cut scenario than the $3 million required by the legislature. 

·         Shepard suggests that colleges should develop stronger faculty governance planning committees elected by faculty to ensure shared responsibility for their budgets.  Shepard reported that Western can develop its own plan to accommodate the furlough bill which does not affect faculty.  Such an issue would require great sensitivity in implementation, including discussions with union leadership.

·         Provost Riordan reminded Senators of the Graduate Studies forum to be held Tuesday, April 20th at 4 pm in Biology 234.  A forum on the EESP white paper is planned later this quarter.  Ongoing discussions will ensure the creation of a firewall between a planned nursing program and programs that might be impacted.

·         Marsha Riddle Buly, Legislative Liaison acknowledged that we need to be much more pro active to help the legislature understand our story so that we can continue to be a publicly funded premier university.

·         Ramon Rinonos-Diaz, ASVP-Academics, reported that a ballot box will set up in Viking Union next week from 7 am to 8 pm to turn in ballots and save a stamp.

·         Steve Garfinkle, President, UFWW, reported: 1) legislators paid attention when it was reported that faculty had agreed to delay the award of merit raises; 2) UFWW supports a mechanism of elected faculty governance in the colleges to consider issues of budget and planning; 3) please consider getting involved in election to union leadership.

·         Constituent Concerns:  An increase in the number of students biking at high speed through campus poses a safety factor; skateboarders are also of concern on certain narrow paths.

·         Matthew Moroney, Associated Students, presented the Green Energy Fee Initiative and asked faculty to post information on Blackboard for students. The fee, capped at $9 per quarter would include creation of a campus-wide student grant program.

·         Senators discussed the role of the Senate and standing committees including equitable representation from small colleges, encouraging younger faculty members to serve, collegial relationship with the administration, and the revised charge to the Senate Library Committee.

·         Elizabeth Stephan announced a presentation on Digital Institutional Repositories at 12 Noon Tuesday in the Library Presentation room.  Recent legislation requires federally funded research to be made publicly available.  Western looks to take the lead on such a repository which may reduce the need to purchase journals in which faculty research is published.  Stephan directed Senators to the webpage for the institutional Repository Task Force at http://libguides.wwu.edu/western_research_repository

·         Senators voted to adjourn at 5:45 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Chuck Lambert, Appointments Officer

The following faculty were elected to the 2010-2012 Faculty Senate:

A:  David Bover, Computer Science; Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, Geology; B: Kathleen Saunders, Anthropology;

C:  Bradley Howard, Journalism; Karen Stout, Communications; Sheila Webb, Journalism; D:  Cynthia Camlin, Art;

Penny Hutchinson, Dance; E: Steve Henson, Economics; Mark Springer, Decision Sciences; G: David Wallin, Huxley; H: Chuck Lambert, Special Education; Donald Larsen, Educational Admin; I: Paul Piper, Libraries.

Appointed to the Senate for one-year terms: Ron Helms, Sociology, replacing Vicki Hsueh, Political Science;

Lesley Sommer, Music, replacing Erin Hazard, Art