ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate May 17, 2010

Daniel Larner, Faculty Senate President, called the 2009-2010 Senate to order at 4:01 pm following Orientation for new Senators at 3 pm.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of May 3, 2010 and Standing Committee minutes.

·         Senate President Larner reported 1) that resolutions on SB1070, the new Arizona immigration law, are available from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University; 2) Challenges continue in revising the elimination and merger policy.

·         Ramon Rinonos-Diaz, AS Vice President-Academics, introduced Bernard Ikegwuoha, AS Vice President- Diversity.  Rinonos-Diaz asked for faculty input on an AS proposal to raise the green energy fee from $4.00 to $9.00, allowing for increased purchase of ROCs, and the funding of a student position on green energy.  Senators suggested a genuine cutback on energy use should be a high university priority.

·         Steven Garfinkle, UFWW President reported that results are still being processed from the UFWW elections.

·         Constituent Concerns included:  1) Staff stress levels that have increased largely due to lack of information about how the furlough bill will play out and fears of potential inequities; 2) A request for more specific university policy regarding contact and credit hours (ACC handbook at http://www.acadweb.wwu.edu/senate/acc/index.htm);  3) Confirmation that there is no formally approved administrative policy to systematically change courses to 5 credits. The suggestion to do so follows Bill Lyne’s presentations on the English Department’s efforts, and is offered as one of several ways to simplify credit requirements, rationalize load, and increase student access.  Implementation that preserves the quality of curriculum will require substantial investment of time and is unlikely to work for all departments.

·         Senators heard Terry Williams, Interim Executive Director, present information on Extended Education and Summer Programs (EESP). Senators asked about preserving quality oversight; compensation and time impediments to faculty research; technical innovations available for delivering course formats; Western’s role as an EESP niche player and the use of self-sustaining funds; availability of courses for low-income students and mechanisms for student feedback; and intellectual property issues as EESP expansion occurs.  A Faculty Forum on EESP’s White Paper will be held May 27th in Biology 234 at 4 pm (hosted by the Provost office and the Faculty Senate).

·         Steven VanderStaay, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, reported on 1) changes that have occurred  as a result of accreditation recommendations, including the creation of the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE); 2) the role of self-assessment in the updated NWCCU standards and processes; 3) the near-completion of a required accreditation response report for the fall revisit; 4) plans to develop goals related to “core themes”; and 5) assistance that is available to departments to meet the new assessment goals, including posting competencies and outcomes in syllabi and on departmental websites.

·         Senate Library Committee Charge:  In the second of two required votes, Senators passed a revised membership charge to the Senate Library Committee which now requires college governing councils to appoint faculty to the committee.

·         Senators expect to continue discussion on: 1) the Senate’s possible choices for two area appointments to the UPRC; 2) changes to Bylaw 7 regarding the Senate Legislative Representative and the deputy representative.

·         Senators voted to adjourn at 6:05 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONSChuck Lambert, Appointments Officer

Appointed to the Academic Coordinating Commission, 2010-2012 (final confirmation June 7th):  Billie Lindsey, PEHR; Kristi Tyran, Management; Holly Folk, Liberal Studies; Peter Smith, Libraries; John Bower, Fairhaven; Kathleen Saunders as Senator

VACANCIES: Council on University Programs (CUP) 1 faculty teaching Leadership Studies; 1 faculty teaching International Programs; 1 faculty representative from a college other than CHSS.

Academic Technology Committee:  Faculty member to be selected by each College technology committee and confirmed by the Senate from: 1-CHSS; 1-CST and 1 Chair Computer Science; 1-Huxley; 1-Woodring; 1 Senator   

Senate Library Committee (revised charge approved): Faculty member to be selected by governing councils of each college and the Library; 1 Faculty Senator.