ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate May 3, 2010

Daniel Larner, Faculty Senate President, called the 2009-2010 Senate to order at 4:02 pm.  Senators amended and then accepted Senate minutes of April 19, 2010 and Standing Committee minutes.

·         Senate President Larner reported that comments are welcomed on attempts to email Senate and Standing Committee agendas to the campus; Orientation for new Senators is at 3 pm on Monday, May 17th.

·         President Shepard reported that 1) furlough discussions are taking place with union leaders; 2) data is forthcoming on the 100 conversations; 3) language on strategic planning ought to be more than mere window dressing; 4) UPRC’s helpful input will be considered by Deans and Vice Presidents who will share the practical budget solutions they are presently crafting.

·         Provost Riordan provided publications that represent work of faculty and staff including an art collection recognized at a recent Safeco reception and a brochure from Linda Kimball, Emeritus, who hosted government officials from Brunei, a country on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia.

·         Marsha Riddle Buly, Legislative Liaison, along with Steve Garfinkle, UFWW President, are preparing a letter to thank legislators for past efforts and to encourage platforms and campaign pledges next year to provide support for the State’s baccalaureates.

·         Garfinkle announced a May 13th annual spring UFWW meeting in Artnzen 100 at 4 pm.  Nominations are open for UFWW officers and he encouraged faculty to serve.

·         Ramon Rinonos-Diaz, ASVP-Academics, reported that the Green Initiative passed and students have elected seven officers to the AS Board.

·         Constituent Concerns:  1) some NSF proposal responses received via email are blocked by the SPAM filter; 2) faculty can get lower travel rates if they pay ahead, but do not get reimbursed until after the trip is completed; 3) manpower is lacking to monitor bicycle and skateboard interaction with pedestrians; 4) the  “Zombie vs. Humans” game on campus is disturbing to classes; 5) a serious pedagogical discussion leading to a clearly articulated policy about credit and contact hours is required before classes can change to 5 credits.

·         Steve Swan, Vice President External Relations, presented Western’s branding initiative and heard faculty emphasize the importance of “intellectual challenge”.

·         Brent Carbajal, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences reported on CHSS’s new requirements in the General Studies major, including 15 credits between declaring and graduating, articulation of a thematic purpose, a capstone 400-level writing course, and consultation with a faculty advisor.  Karen Stout and Anna Eblen, advisors, reported that many who choose General Studies are dedicated and intelligent students at risk of not graduating due to sudden personal or family hardship.  Prerequisite requirements in some 400-level classes make them inaccessible to General Studies majors.

·         John Lawson, Vice Provost Information Technology and CIO, reported 1) on a recent security audit; 2) mailbox sizes are increasing; 3) the Universal ID and regular Password will soon be the only way to login, including on Web4U.

·         Senate Library Committee Charge:  In a first vote of two required votes, Senators passed a revised membership charge with an amendment to include a student appointed by the AS Board. (text below)

·         Senators voted to adjourn at 5:59 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Chuck Lambert, Appointments Officer

VACANCIES REMAINING on ACC and University Standing committees:  At Least:

One (1) faculty for Graduate Council faculty (tenured or tenure track) from Areas C, E, or G

One (1) faculty for Scholastic Standing Committee (2 yr term)

Two (2) faculty for Judicial Appeals Board

Three (3) faculty for Academic Grievance Board



Approved by  1st  Vote:  Faculty Senate May 3, 2010


Senate Library Committee (SLC) Charge


BL7.7 Senate Library Committee.  The Library Committee’s primary roles are to provide advice to the Dean of the Libraries and to provide liaison between the faculty and the university libraries. The committee will provide advice as part of the Libraries’ planning process and on matters brought to it by the Dean of the Libraries. The committee meets several times each quarter and periodically reviews Library policies, including acquisition policies. The committee assesses how those policies support the University’s academic programs and strategic goals. The committee shall work with the libraries to improve the levels of Information Literacy of students and faculty.


BL7.7.1 Membership.  The membership of the Library Committee shall be as follows:


a)    One library faculty member (2-yr term) nominated by the Library Faculty;

b)   One faculty representative from each of the College/Areas as listed below are appointed by the respective college faculty governance body (2-year staggered terms) and confirmed by the Faculty Senate:

·               College of Humanities & Social Services;

·               College of Sciences & Technology;

·               College of Business & Economics;

·               College of Fine & Performing Arts;

·               Huxley College of the Environment;

·               Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies;

·               Woodring College of Education;


(c)  Additional voting members appointed annually shall include:

§    One faculty Senator, not a member of the Library Faculty

§    One student member appointed by the AS Board.


(d) Ex officio members (non-voting) shall include:

•      The Dean of the Libraries

•      Director of Academic Technology and User Services;


A chairperson and vice chairperson shall be appointed by and from the membership at the first meeting Fall Quarter. Minutes of the Library Committee shall be forwarded to the Senate as soon as possible following approval by the Library Committee.



As suggested by the Faculty Handbook, the following is provided FYI:


Candidates for Senate Standing Committees  (as of 5/3/2010)

Faculty are appointed by the new Senate at the final meeting Spring Qtr (June 7), with the exception of ACC which seats its new members on May 25th.  Appointments to ACC will be done by the old Senate on May 17th.     New Senators will be in attendance at that meeting following Orientation, and are welcomed to speak on behalf of ACC candidates. 


Academic Coordinating Commission

1 year terms:

Through 2012 (2-year terms):

1 position Area B

2 candidates:  Judith Pine, Anthropology; Randall Burtz, PEHR

2 Senators:  (Appointed at the final meeting of the Senate)

Kathleen Saunders, Anthropology

1 position Area C 

2 candidates:  Holly Folk, Liberal Studies, Sheila Webb, Journalism

1 rep to UPRC: Roger Anderson

1 Libraries:  candidate:  Peter Smith, Libraries


1 Fairhaven:  candidate:  John Bower, Fairhaven

1 Rep to CUE: Tracy Thorndike-Christ

1 position for At-Large

2 candidates:  Kristi Tyran, Economics;

David Hirsch, Geology

4 students appointed by AS



Tracy Thorndike-Christ, Woodring (Area H)

Faculty will be elected and appointed by the Senate on May 17th, pro forma, in order to be seated at the last ACC meeting, May 25th.  Membership will be confirmed by the new Senate at the meeting of June 7th.

David Shull, Huxley College (Area G)

Yvonne Durham, Economics (Area E)

Mark Kuntz, Theater (Area D)

Roger Anderson, Biology (Area A)


University Planning Council

1 year terms:

Two at-large faculty apportioned by the new Faculty Senate and appointed by the respective college or library faculty governance body annually (2);

1 ACC rep; 1 Senator

2 students appointed by AS


Academic Technology Committee


Members appointed by their College Technology Committees for 2-year terms; Senate confirms June 7th


1 Senator for a 1 year term

1-CST and 1 Chair Computer Sci

1 student appointed by AS






Senate Library Committee

1 year terms:

Charge under revision

1 Senator


Senate Legislative Liaison 2010-2011

New Senate appoints June 7th

Marsha Riddle-Buly, Woodring


Deputy Legislative Liaison 2010-2011


Mary Lynne Derrington, Woodring



Faculty Development Grants

4 candidates submitted by the Executive Council to the provost for 3-year terms, of which 2 will be appointed: 

Cecile Hanania, MC&L; Massimiliano Tomasi, MC&L; Kate McLean, Psychology; Bidisha Biswas, Political Science




Candidates for ACC Standing Committees and University Standing Cites– Spring 2010

All terms are for 2 years.   The ACC holds elections and appoints at its final meeting Spr Qtr:  Tuesday, May 25th


3 faculty:  Admissions Committee: not from Areas B or I

3  Candidates:  Brandon Dupont, Economics (E); Scott Stevens, English (C); Tara Perry; Communication (C)


Scholastic Standing Committee (A subcommittee of the Admissions Committee):  5 FACULTY THROUGH 2012 (2-YEAR TERMS) AND 5 FACULTY THROUGH 2013 (3 YEAR TERMS).  The Scholastic Standing Committee reviews petitions and determines reinstatement for students who have been dismissed in accord with the University's scholarship standards.

4 faculty:  (2 yr  terms):  Janet Xing, MC&L; Babafemi Akinrinade, Fairhaven;  K.J. Jantzen, Psychology; Cecile Hanania, M&CL


4 faculty:  Graduate Council (tenure or tenure track)  preferably from A, C, E, G

3 candidates:  Jianna Zhang, Computer Science (A); Anu Singh-Cundy, Biology (A); Sarah Campbell, Anthro (B);


3 faculty:  Honors Board (no more than 2 from any 1 college)

9  Candidates:  1)  CST:  Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Chemistry;  2)  CHSS:  Joan Hoffman, MC&L; 3)  CHSS:  Diane Johnson, M&CL;  4) CST:   Scott Linneman, Geology; 5)  CHSS:  Mary Metzger, English;  6)  CBE:  TJ Olney, Fin&Mktg;  7) CST:  Tom  Read, Mathematics; 8) CHSS:  Rae Lynn Schwartz-DePre, Communication;  9)  CST:  Anu Singh-Cundy, Biology


3 faculty:  International Programs Advisory Committee preferably from Areas A, B, D, G

2 Candidates from preferred areas:  Anu Singh-Cundy, Biology (Area A); Cristina de Almeida, Art (Area D)

2 candidates from other areas: Christopher Wise, English; Seth Feinberg, Communication – both C)


Other ACC committees:

3 faculty:  Academic Honesty Board serving from 2010 thru 2012, and appointed by the Provost.  Current faculty whose terms are ending may serve up to 6 consecutive years.  Faculty serve only when a panel is required. 

4 Candidates:  Babafemi Akinrinade, Fairhaven; Jennifer Devenport; Psychology;  Barbara Lehman, Psychology; Trula Nicholas, Human Svcs;


Other University committees (Executive Council selection)

4 faculty:  Student Judicial Appeals Board:  two faculty and one alternate to be appointed by the Provost for 3-year terms:  2 candidates:  Barbara Lehman, Psychology; Jennifer Devenport, Psychology


4 faculty:  Student Academic Grievance Board:  two faculty and one alternate to be appointed by the Provost for 3-year terms:  1 candidate:  John Korsmo, Woodring


4 faculty:  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Concerns Committee (LGBTCC): 2010 through 2012.  Current members may serve up to six consecutive years.

4 candidates:  Rich Brown, Theater; Trula Nicholas, Human Svcs; Diana Gruman, Psychology; Charles Sylvester, PEHR


1 faculty:  Student Technology Fee Committee Michael Karlberg reappoint through 2012


1 faculty:  Parking Appeals Board  Jennifer Devenport, reappoint thru 2012