ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate February 8, 2010

Scott Pearce, Senate Vice President and Parliamentarian, called the 2009-2010 Senate to order at 4:02 pm as President Dan Larner is ill.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of January 25, 2010 and Standing Committee minutes. 

·         Vice President Pearce announced: 1) a timeline for submitting candidates for the Graduate Strategic Advisory Committee or for Chair (see Appointments and Elections announcement below);  2) the link for the audio cast of the University Planning and Resources Council meeting of February 10:  http://www.wwu.edu/live/uprc.shtml .  Proposed Capital projects will be discussed at 4 pm in OM340;  3) Rick Benner and Francis Halle will be guest of the Senate on February 22, and John Lawson will visit on March 8.

·         Provost Riordan presented white paper progress reports on the research and recommendations of the Graduate Studies’, Allied Health and Extended Education and Summer Programs’ groups.  Riordan plans to synthesize the information and bring it to the Senate as well as to the larger campus community.  White Papers can be found on the Provost’ website at http://www.wwu.edu/provost/initiatives.shtml .  Riordan discussed the decision packages which might be submitted to obtain special funding, and the possible impact on the operating budget. 

·         Riordan credited the hard work on issues in Olympia being done by President Shepard, Steve Garfinkel, Bill Lyne, Sherry Burkey, and Marsha Riddle-Buly among others.  Riordan and Senators postponed discussion of the Honorary Degree Policy until next meeting.

·         Ramon Rinonos-Diaz reported 1) on the rally on the PAC plaza on Friday attended by over 300 students who signed letters to legislators; 2)  Faculty are asked to let students know that 3 buses are going down to Olympia on Monday February 15.  Transportation is free and breakfast and light lunch will be provided.  Buses will return Monday evening; 3) the AS will host a discussion on what green alternative options might be available for fee overages on Thursday at 5 pm in Fraser 4.

·         Steven Garfinkle, UFWW President, announced that faculty interested in details about transportation to Olympia for the rally on Monday February 15 can find the information at www.ufww.org, or can email Bill Lyne at bill_lyne@hotmail.com.

·         Senators heard an update from Karen Stout, Chair of the Ad Hoc Faculty Awards Committee, on awards for faculty proposed in addition to the Olscamp Award.  Awards address broad areas of faculty enterprise that may be overlooked by the more traditional research award.  Senators suggested a review of the awards criteria. 

·         Senators considered consequences of expanding the Senate to correspond with the increase in numbers of faculty over the years and will come back with recommendations at a future meeting.

·         Constituent Concerns:  1) wired classrooms should be available to those who teach a class 3, 4 or 5 times a week and not preempted by a Mon-Wed teaching schedule; 2) Updating the “U-drive” has seriously interrupted teaching in many departments and should never have been attempted during mid-quarter or midterm exams, but only during the break or summer holiday.

·         Senators adjourned at 5:50 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Chuck Lambert, Appointments Officer

o     Graduate Strategic Advisory Committee:  one faculty representative from each of the Colleges and the Library appointed by the college or library faculty governance. Submit nominees to colleges by Friday 2/19

o     Chair of Graduate Strategic Advisory Committee.  Chair to be jointly appointed by the Faculty Senate and the Provost.  Submit nominations by Wednesday 2/17 to Chuck Lambert or the Senate office.