ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate October 11, 2010

Scott Pearce, Faculty Senate President, called the 2010-2011 Faculty Senate to order at 4:013pm.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of September 27, 2010 and Standing Committee minutes.

·         Pearce announced that “Western 2025: Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan” would be the topic of a General Faculty Assembly to be held on Wednesday, October 20th at 4 PM in AIC (AW204).  Faculty are entrusted with framing a view of what they want Western to be in the next five to ten years.  Senator are charged with bringing at least five other faculty to the General Faculty Assembly; questions for discussion will be provided in advance.

·         Provost Riordan congratulated Rich Brown, recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award, as well as Daniel Larner, for Outstanding Faculty Service.  Riordan announced that:  1) She will post data to the “Fact Book” about Western’s current record enrollment of over 15,000 students, along with the record highest retention numbers for first and second year students;  2) A search is underway for Dean of Woodring College; internal candidates can also apply; 3) A report will be issued on how Nursing can be done through EESP, insulating highly impacted science courses from additional students; Riordan must soon inform community partners whether such a plan is feasible.

·         Steve Garfinkle pointed out 1) that Western is serving more students with proportionately 10% fewer faculty than two years ago; 2) Responses to the UFWW survey that will be sent to all faculty is crucial in determining the priorities for bargaining the second contract. 

·         Ramon Rinonos-Diaz reported 1) new representation engagement programs encourage effective citizenship and civil engagement among students. Senators applauded students for 1392 voter registrations, 200 more than those recorded at University of Washington; 2)  Western was chosen as one of 11 elector campuses that empowers women students to run for student government and eventual election as public officials.

·         Graduate Student Advisory Committee:  Susan Mancuso and Roger Anderson, co-chairs, reported on context, accomplishments, proposed timeline and extensive data review provided by the committee.  Faculty are asked to send them relevant links on graduate programs.  Senators questioned exclusive focus on graduate school simply as a gateway to employment that serves the State; they proposed that graduate school should be seen as a seamless continuation of undergraduate education that contributes comprehensively to culture and lifelong learning.

·         Constituent Concerns included: 1) wait listing that precludes admitting eligible students lower on the list; 2) who pays for Scantrons when departments must use them extensively; 3) lack of enforcement of bicycle and skateboard policy as well as posting of unreadable signs is dangerous to pedestrians; new bicycle racks hung low to the ground are also hazardous; 4) a map of safe locations on campus for women faculty and students who must breastfeed children should be made available. 

·         Senators approved the ACC minutes of May 25, 2010, but rejected a motion in the minutes that gave a vote in ACC to the Provost or her representative.  ACC is asked to consider the action again.

·         Review of Budget Reduction Strategies:  Senators reviewed draft charges to and memberships on Ad Hoc Committees to review budget reductions in 1) the Libraries, including the Music Library; and 2) Scientific and Technical Services.  Senators suggested that a representative from the MAP Library be included in the committee membership.

·         Senators adjourned at 5:54 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONSChuck Lambert, Appointments Officer

·         Senators passed a Motion that charges the Executive Council to review the process for nominating faculty candidates to committees.  In the event of multiple candidates for a position, faculty may be asked to submit a sentence or two about their qualifications or a short bio or web link so voting faculty can be informed. Candidates’ names must be advertised in advance of any Senate vote (see list below).  Faculty are encouraged to visit “Committee Memberships” on the Senate website for additional information.

·         Associated Students Green Energy Fee Committee (vote postponed until the 10/25 Senate meeting):  2 faculty vacancies:  Candidates:  Nick Zaferatos, Environmental Studies: Policy and Planning; Mary Ann Reynolds, Accounting; Craig Dunn, Management; T.J. Olney, Finance & Marketing; Sara Singleton, Political Science.