ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate April 18, 2011

Scott Pearce, Faculty Senate President, called the 2010-2011 Faculty Senate to order at 4:03 pm.  Senators accepted Senate minutes of April 4, 2011 and Standing Committee minutes.

·         David Meyer, Music, reported he had accepted a position in Virginia and would be stepping down as Vice President.  Senators then nominated and confirmed Karen Stout, Communication, as Vice President.  Stout will serve as Senate President 2011-2012.

·         Senate President Pearce urged that Senators move ahead on forming ad hoc committees on college faculty governance.

·         President Shepard 1) complimented the hard work of Western faculty including collaboration on budget issues;  2) reported he was excited to present the Honorary Degree nominees to the Board of Trustees, emphasizing that faculty alone can recommend granting a Western degree; 3) suggested that Olympia’s budget conference will affect UPRC scheduling; 4) asked faculty to view the current budget crisis as the “new normal” and advised a close look at “rebasing” lest we risk mediocrity in the future.  Shepard expects there will be some fluidity whatever the biennial session result.

·         Provost Riordan reported 1) that the International Studies Director search includes the possibility of a faculty member taking the position as a parttime assignment; 2) three candidates will be on campus starting tomorrow to interview for the Dean of Woodring College; 3) an American Association of University Women showcase was held in AIC this past week, and 4) Professional Development for Chairs continues under the outstanding leadership of Joanne Otto and Karen Bradley.

·         Marsha Riddle Buly gave a rundown of Western successes in Olympia, noting that faculty suggestions to simply add language such as “academically qualified” clarified meaning and intent in several bills; Riddle Buly encouraged continued exegesis of the university’s mission to legislators. Senators acclaimed Riddle Buly’s outstanding efforts as legislative representative and was reminded to seek an FLR for 2012.

·         Steven Garfinkle reported that the UFWW annual meeting for members will be held Thurs April 28, at 4 pm in Fraser 3, at which point nominations for officers will close.

·         Ramon Rinonos-Diaz, ASVP-Academics, reported 1) the AS Presidential debate will take place Tues 4/19 in VU MPR from 6-8 pm; 2) AS encourages faculty to explain budget issues to students; to obtain handouts and a power point email asvp.academics@wwu.edu .

·         Presentation:  Update on Compass 2 Campus. Cyndie Shepard reported on the mission of Compass 2 Campus to provide access to higher education for underrepresented and disadvantaged students in grades 5-12 and to promote leadership and skill development for Western students who may obtain up to 15 credits thru mentoring young students 4 hours per week.  900 fifth graders visited the campus in October, while 800 sixth graders continue to be served in middle schools.  Participating school districts report renewed focus and improved test scores among their students.  A data component on outcomes provides faculty research  opportunities.  Cyndie Shepard concluded by thanking faculty for opening classrooms to over 1000 5th graders who will show up on campus this year.

·         Senators heard John Lawson report on server security and electronic methods for university communication including state archiving regulations.

·         Constituent Concerns.  Newly elected Vice President and Parliamentarian Karen Stout presented her slate of officers for consideration as the 2011-2012 Executive Council, which included David Bover, Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Kathleen Saunders and Jackie Caplan-Auerbach.  Election of officers takes place at the seating of the new Senate on June 6th.  

·         Spencer Anthony-Cahill announced a unique opportunity to hear Edmond H. Fischer, Nobel Laureate in Medicine, on Wed., April 20th at 4 pm in SL150 with overflow in SL110.

·         Steve Garfinkle, UFWW President, addressed 1) UFWW’s request to hear from faculty about their concerns, particularly regarding overloads; 2) inadequacy in public understanding regarding the nature of faculty labor, including the assault on labor generally across the nation; 3) an argument for solidarity that no one on the campus should be taking a pay cut; such pay cuts are untenable and unrecoverable, especially for staff.

·         Senators considered draft language for a “Medical Excuse policy” and proposed amendments.

·         Senators moved to a Faculty Caucus at 5:50 pm and adjourned at 6:30 pm.

Appointments and Elections:   Chuck Lambert, Officer

Vacancies One Faculty Legislative Representative 2011-2012 (travel stipend and release time provided).

Senate replacements - One Year term through Spring 2012:

One Area C replacement for Karen Stout (who as Senate President serves “At Large”)

One Area H replacement for Chuck Lambert, Woodring