ABSTRACT of the Faculty Senate Meeting – November 21, 2011


Karen Stout, Faculty Senate President, called the meeting of the 2011-2012 Faculty Senate to order at 4:02 pm.

Senators accepted the Senate minutes of November 7, 2011 and Standing Committee minutes.

§  President Stout announced that Distinguished Student Employees have not yet found jobs on campus and many work study students are also looking for employment. Senators should visit the Student Employment Center website or contact Clarence.Holmes@wwu.edu for information on hiring.

§  Senators heard Sara Wilson, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services, give a brief summary of the benefits of contributing to the Combined Fund Drive, and were directed to the website at http://www.wwu.edu/cfd/ for ways to make donations, and hear testimonies from colleagues.

§  President Shepard reported that 1) a great deal of his time is spent in Seattle on capital campaign issues; 2) Clara Capron, Director, Financial Aid,is currently serving as Acting Director, Admissions; sufficient time will be taken to conduct audits of the Admissions Office; and 3) the budget situation requires the same strong effort as last year in mobilizing students and alumni.  Faculty are encouraged to visit http://www.wwu.edu/president/.

§  Provost Riordan alerted Senators that 1) specialization seems to alleviate some of the acute problems students are facing in finding jobs when they graduate; 2) work is being done to align and standardize processes across the colleges for confidentiality, promotion, and peer review, etc., as well as record-keeping; 3) our culture at Western values rigorous responsible faculty reviews, and new rulings should not undermine faculty’s willingness to participate in same.  Chairs of governing councils and UFWW are working on the legal status of confidentiality surrounding documents such as external review letters.  Riordan encouraged continued and regular feedback to faculty scheduled for pre- and post- tenure review.

§  Sue Guenter-Schlesinger, Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity & Employment Diversity, explained that revisions to the Faculty Code of Ethics are to inform and protect both faculty and students in the somewhat gray area of consensual personal relationships. Senate recommendations included a request to clarify definitions, acknowledge the possibility of privileged or unfair power advantages in relationships between faculty and students, and to continue a broader conversation on Ethics.  Related policies can be found at http://www.wwu.edu/eoo/ .

MOTION FROM THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL.  Senators passed the following motion:  “That

Council member-at-large, Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Chemistry, serve as interim Vice President and Parliamentarian (he will not serve as Senate President), and that Senator Vicki Hsueh, Political Science, serve as Interim At-Large Executive Council member, both through Spring Quarter 2012.

§  Senators thanked David Bover, Vice President, for his service on the Senate since Bover has been appointed Associate Dean of the College of Sciences and Technology.  The 2012-2013 Senate will vote this spring on the Executive Council for next academic year, and faculty elected to the Senate are invited to serve.

Senators moved to a Faculty Caucus at 5:25 prior to adjournment at 5:50 pm.


Appointments and Elections:   Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, 2011-12 Officer

Vacancies:  1 faculty member (Area A) to serve as Senator, replacing David Bover through Spring 2012.

1 Senator to serve on Academic Technology Committee; and 1 Senator to serve on Senate Library Committee

2 faculty to serve on the Student Publications Council.