ABSTRACT of the Faculty Senate Meeting –May 14, 2012


Karen Stout, Faculty Senate President, called the meeting of the 2011-2012 Faculty Senate to order at 4:06 pm following Orientation for new Senators.  Senators accepted the Senate minutes of April 30, 2012 and Standing Committee minutes.  Senators accepted Graduate Council minutes which included approval of a self-sustaining CCE program that plans to enroll students this year.

·         President Stout announced: 1)  the May 16 Library presentation will be with a representative from the Oregon Cascade Alliance; 2) the May 31st Provost and Faculty Senate Awards Ceremony in the Gallery at which Senators and faculty are invited to celebrate with colleagues who are receiving teaching and other awards; 3) Senators are asked to remind colleagues not to penalize or drop students who may miss class during Yom Kippur; 4) ACC will review catalog language regarding graduation with two majors or two degrees; 5) Data on the success of outreach efforts to attract students with high GPAs needs to be collected; 5) Western doesn’t charge for interlibrary loans at present but that may change in the future.

·         Provost Riordan reported:  1) meetings are continuing with candidates for Dean of Huxley; 2) community colleges in the state are discussing the move to a semester system; 3) new Western initiatives may include an “Institute for Energy Studies”; 4) planning is continuing for the RN to BSN program; 5) only 4 programs will continue faculty searches next year to achieve top choices; 6) please let Provost Riordan know if you are interested in attending liberal arts conversations hosted by the Evergreen State College this summer.

·         Steve Garfinkle, UFWW President, suggested the need for formalized evaluation procedures for tenure and promotion when faculty have joint appointments.  Garfinkle reminded Senators that the capital campaign would optimally increase only 4% of our budget and cannot replace budgetary losses of the past few years.

·         Dan Boxberger, Faculty Legislative Representative confirmed that next year could be a critical one in Olympia, with continued budget issues and the push toward open courseware.  Sara Singleton, Political Science, is nominee for Deputy FLR when the Senate votes on June 4th.·         Fabiola Arvizu, ASVP-Academics sent a message that the student Senate, local union members and student employees are discussing the extent of AS support for Aramark unionizing on campus.

·         Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Senate Vice President, led the discussion on development of the Elimination and Merger Policy in which Senators emphasized a focus on quality programs and alignment with Western’s mission.  Senators pointed out the impact of resource allocation on faculty and staff employment, and the challenge of attempting to create a consistent policy across colleges within specific disciplines.



·         ACTION:  The Senate moved to rescind a motion which allocated three positions to the UPRC and proposed a new MOTION which allocated the three positions to CFPA, CST and the Humanities, but one of the three will be filled by a Senator, as allowed in the Bylaws.  The motion then continued that the remaining two positions will be filled following recommendations of the appropriate College Governance bodies, which are asked to select faculty with insights to serve the broader needs of those colleges as plans for space and capital plans are being formulated. 


Senators confirmed the following Standing Committees faculty appointments:


Term 2012-2014

Faculty Vacancies Remaining

Academic Coordinating Commission

Vacancy:  1 Senator

Janice Lapsansky, Biology (A); Kristen Denham, English (AtLg); Holly Folk, Liberal Studies (C); Peter Smith, Library;

(Term 2012-2013): Yvonne Durham, Economics; David Gilbertson, Senator


1 Senator

1 Fairhaven rep

Senate Library Committee


CHSS: James Inverarity, Sociology

Huxley:  Brooke Love, Env Sciences

1 CBE (1 yr term)

1 Fairhaven


Academic Technology Committee

John McLaughlin, Huxley College

Derrick Mears, PEHR (CHSS)

Derek Yip-Hoi, CS, (CST 1)                                   

Doug Clark, Geology (CST 2)


1 Woodring

LGBT Advocacy

Sheila Webb, Journalism

Alex Czopp, Psychology

2 or more faculty

Student Tech Fee Cte

David Saxton, CFPA




The following are the current Faculty Vacancies on ACC and other Standing Committees:

**Council on University Programs (CUP):  faculty from Honors,  International Studies, Women Studies
**Recruitment, Admissions, Support (RASC):  3 faculty broadly representative of areas (new committee replacing Admissions)


(For 1 through 4 below, four nominees are presented to the Provost, two are selected and an alternate. 7 faculty will be appointed)
1.  Student Academic Grievance Board:  4 faculty, 2-year  terms
2.  Judicial Appeals Committee:  4 faculty, 3-year terms
3.  Academic Honesty Board: 4 faculty, 3-year terms
4.  Faculty Development Grants (RSP):  4 faculty, 3-year  terms

**Central Health and Safety, 1 faculty; **Emergency Management Committee, 1 faculty (both replacing Brandi Row)
**LGBT Advocacy Council: 3 faculty
**Student Publications Council: 3 faculty with interest in selecting editors: 1 thru Spring 2013, 1 thru fall 2013, 1 alternate
**University Dining Contract: 1 faculty any area
For charges, memberships, meeting times, chairs, etc., please see 
http://www.acadweb.wwu.edu/senate   See “Committees: Memberships” left column . (Please contact the Elections Officer, Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, or the Senate office via email:  RoseMarie.Norton-Nader@wwu.edu with your availability to serve)