ABSTRACT of the Faculty Senate Meeting – June 4, 2012


Karen Stout, Faculty Senate President, called the Senate to order at 4:06 pm and then held roll call for the 2012-2013 Senate.  Senators accepted the Senate minutes of May 14, 2012 and Standing Committee minutes. 

·         President Stout announced that reminders will go out to departments so that new faculty are aware of the Yom Kippur Resolution; changes in Western’s retirement plan that will become effective in November 2012 and June and July dates will be available to meet with Fidelity planning advisors (www.fidelity.com/wwu ).  Senators are asked to contact the constituent groups assigned to them. 

·         Stout reported on Senate Executive discussions, including a potential move from “Bb” to “Canvas”; faculty appointments to a new “One World Initiative” Committee; speakers for convocation; and creation of a committee to explore how best to serve our students who are Veterans.

·         Election of Officers and Seating of the 2012-2013 Senate. The following faculty were elected as the voting officers of the 2012-2013 Executive Council:  President:  Karen Stout, Communication; Vice President: Johann Neem, History; Secretary: Kathleen Saunders, Anthropology; Appointments & Elections, Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, Geology; At-Large representative, Jim Graham, Psychology; Faculty Legislative Representative,  Dan Boxberger, Anthropology.  Remaining non-voting officers include an Interim At Large position (to fill the vacant seat of Past President): Vicki Hsueh, Political Science; President UFWW, Steve Garfinkle, History; ACC Chair, Yvonne Durham, Economics, UPRC Chair, Jeff Newcomer, Engineering Technology.

§  President Shepard welcomed and thanked new Senators for their service and noted that the suicides that occurred on campus emphasize how necessary it is to dedicate ourselves to supporting students who need it.  Shepard expressed appreciation for the Doh-Ho Suh art installation as not just meeting a legal requirement to provide art but also as essential to our spirit.

§  Provost Riordan welcomed the new Senate; reported on the marvelous work done by undergraduate and graduate students in CST and Huxley at a recent presentation; announced that the accreditation visit expected in Fall has been postponed for one year; and reported on faculty promoted to tenured full and associate professors along with faculty nominated for awards. Riordan emphasized the importance of faculty contributions to the life of the university.

§  Steve Garfinkle, UFWW President, announced voting locations for the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which when ratified will go into effect on September 16th.  Garfinkle expressed appreciation for the healthy relationship with administration evident in the nature of the agreement and for the long hours of preparation by both administrative and faculty bargaining teams.

§  Senators viewed annual reports from the Faculty Legislative Representative and the chairs of Senate Standing Committees.

§  Senators discussed their role in advocating for departmental consistency in faculty hiring practices related to ranking candidates, voting rights of faculty, and the role of Deans and departmental staff in the decision-making process.  

§  Vice President Spencer Anthony-Cahill read a Resolution honoring Karen Stout for her service as Senate President in 2011-2012 which the Senate passed unanimously by acclamation.

Adjournment: 5:24 pm followed by the University President’s dinner for the Senate at 6:15 in the solarium.


Appointments and Elections:   Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, 2011-12 Officer

Sara Singleton, Political Science as Deputy Faculty Legislative Representative 2012 through 2014.

The following faculty were appointed to Senate Standing Committees:

University Planning & Resources Council: Thru 2013:  Bernard Housen (CST); Charlotte Guyette (CFPA);  Karen Bradley (CHSS, B); Johann Neem, Senator  (CHSS, C).  Yvonne Durham as ACC rep.

Appointed thru 2014:  John Friesen, Music, for Lesley Sommer; Gail Coulter, Special Ed, Woodring rep

Academic Coordinating Commission:  Stan Tag, Fairhaven; Ron Helms, Sociology;

Academic Technology Committee:  Diana Jones, Woodring

Senate Library Committee: James Inverarity (CHSS), Sophie Kong (CBE), Mark Springer as Senator

Appointed to LGBT Advocacy Council: Rich Brown, Theatre&Dance; Trula Nicholas, Human Svcs; Alexander Czopp, Psychology; Charles Sylvester, PEHR, Shirin Deylami, Political Science; Barbara Mathers-Schmidt, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Kelly Magee, English

Vacancies:  Rep to Senate Library Committee from Fairhaven