ABSTRACT of the Faculty Senate Meeting – September 26, 2011


Karen Stout, Faculty Senate President, called the first fall quarter meeting of the 2011-2012 Faculty Senate to order at 4:02 pm and welcomed Senators who introduced themselves. Senators accepted the minutes of June 6, 2011 as written.

·         President Stout reported and announced that 1) Senators were welcome to weigh in on revisions to the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Code which would be forwarded to the ACC; 2) Senators and their constituents were to email Stout and Executive Council with concerns which would allow time to present answers at the meeting; 3) an overview of the Faculty Senate and the Constitution; Senators shared ways in which they connected with their constituents, including highlighting significant topics in the abstract; 4) the Senate will take up topics such as handbook revision, administrative review, shared governance issues, and reports from “point” Senators who volunteer to liaison with administrators on repeating concerns such as biking, parking, space administration, and classroom issues; 5) Senators will work with the Provost office and the Deans to ensure consistency in the guidelines for developing faculty awards

·         Stout addressed the need for a Faculty Legislative Representative who was articulate and politically savvy and suggested that a team of three people might be able to share the responsibility and continue last year’s momentum without having to commit the entire winter quarter.

·         President Shepard commended Senators for their willingness to serve indicating that they helped make the university strong as was evidenced last year; he reported enthusiastic students and positive faculty all over campus.  Shepard asked for flexibility in announcements of forecasted shortfalls in light of the state’s revenue problems and threatened budget cuts since the legislature has not yet convened. Shepard added that this will give us time to thoughtfully consider options and ideas.

·         Provost Riordan thanked Chairs who turned to their faculty during last year’s rebasing “angst” from which a lot of new developments have emerged, including consolidation and improvement of curriculum; the merging of programs that may prove strengthening; previously closed courses open to the campus provide expanded educational opportunities; review of ACC and CUE processes; and relocation of Tutoring to the Library (which resulted in full tables within a few minutes of its opening).  Riordan pointed out that the university cannot just “turn on a dime” and deliberations that began last year have continued over the summer and are occurring in every department throughout fall quarter.

·         UFWW President Steven Garfinkle thanked Bruce and Catherine for upholding their commitment to begin the searches to hire tenure track faculty; reminded Senators that this is the year for bargaining the contract which will go into effect in 2012; and the UFWW will host a Forum on Wednesday, October 12 in Fraser at 4 pm for all faculty whether or not they are union members or tenure track.  UFWW wants to solicit from the faculty what their union ought to be doing for them.  A formal announcement will go out soon.

·         Fabiola Arvizu, ASVP-Academics, announced that the AS is continuing to hire salaried, hourly and work study students, that the AS will present Representative Kris Lytton with a resolution to honor her commitment to higher education when she visits campus, and that the AS is dedicating $57,000 to a new pavilion for the Fairhaven College outback farm which will allow expansion for new programs.

·         Bylaws of the Constitution of the Faculty.  Senators reviewed minor changes to the Faculty Handbook Bylaws to the Constitution and will conduct a first vote at the next meeting.  Discussion included recommendations that faculty on college governance committees should be elected by colleagues.

·         Senators moved to a Faculty Caucus at 5:30 prior to adjournment at 6:14 pm.


Appointments and Elections:   Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, 2011-12 Officer

To:   Central Health & Safety:  Ken Rines, Physics/Astronomy                                              

         UPRC: Ira Hyman, Psychology (CHSS rep 2);

         ACC as Senator:  Sheila Webb, Journalism

         Executive Dining Committee: Billie Lindsey, PEHR                                      

To:   AS Green Energy Fee committee (with Sara Richards, ASVP Student Life):

         Sophie Kong, Finance&Marketing; Andy Bunn, Environmental Science