Index of Topics � January 25, 2010 Exhibit A: For Approval 2/8/2010
Planning for A Capital Campaign � Stephanie Bowers  




Regular Meeting � January 25, 2010

Call to Order

Daniel Larner, Faculty Senate President, called the 2009-2010 Senate to order at 4:03 pm. Larner welcomed twenty-eight (28) Senators, and four others (4) for a total of thirty-two (32) people. (See attached roster).

Items from the Faculty Senate President:

Approval of Senate Minutes - Senators accepted Senate minutes of January 11, 2010.

President Larner reported the following:

Condolences are expressed to the families of former faculty William Demmert, Woodring College, and Gene Hogan, Political Science, who passed away recently;

The Senate is soliciting faculty who might wish to serve on the Faculty Senate Executive Council next year -- please email Larner or Pearce if you are interested;

A deadline will be set by which faculty of the college governing boards will be appointed as representatives to the Graduate Strategic Advisory Committee. The Committee Chair will be jointly appointed by the Senate and the provost and proposed candidates� names can be sent to Larner or Chuck Lambert, Appointments and Elections Officer.

The Library Committee charge is still under review as members take Senate and other comments under advisement;

There are plans to webcast upcoming UPRC budget meetings. Faculty who have concerns about the bottom up budget process in their area should alert Larner or Pearce. Larner added that it is up to faculty to help enforce the president�s determination to keep the processes open and collaborative.

Legislative Report:

Larner read a legislative report from Marsha Riddle Buly, presently in Olympia, regarding bills that are currently before the legislature. These included

A bill proposing furloughs that got surprising support; and

Several bills authorizing local tuition authority which some think may relieve the legislature of the need to fund public education.

Other Report Items:

ASVP Academics:

Ramon Rinonos-Diaz brought information to the Senate regarding the Associated Students:

Requested that faculty announce a Project Leadership workshop for students that is being held all week;

Lobby Day was very successful for the 35 students who went to Olympia and spoke to legislators and found them supportive of funding work-study and financial aid.


Steven Garfinkle, UFWW President, reported:

Continued requests to correspond with legislators on behalf of higher education; please do so only from home email with information available on the UFWW and UFWS website or the Faculty Senate website ( ). Faculty should not use university letterhead or equipment, but should feel encouraged to use their credentials about being a Ph.D. in any specific area. Legislators are impressed by credentials.

Garfinkle did not think the bill proposing furloughs would gain a foothold despite surprising support. One argument would be the idea that furloughs will limit access for students and postpone graduation while continuing to raise tuition, an unwelcome idea.

Garfinkle reported that last year�s deferred merit is not at risk because the legislature cannot set aside our collective bargaining agreement.

Collaborations with college presidents and the unions towards lobbying efforts are working in new ways;

Garfinkle expressed concern that there are faculty who may agree to increase their workload or sacrifice salary or other rights without full appreciation of their protections under the collective bargaining agreement. Faculty with questions in this regard should contact their local steward or Garfinkle.


Plans for a Capital Campaign � Stephanie Bowers, Vice President for University Advancement, Foundation

Stephanie Bowers presented information on the guiding principles of the Foundation as it plans for a major Capital Campaign. Bowers reviewed the process whereby a donor contributes to Western, whether by endowment or by non-endowed gift:

The Foundation Board Planning Committee has been meeting, including during retreats and has been working on guiding principles for a campaign.

One important question that was asked of the Board is what it would take for a donor to make the most significant gift ever to Western.

The main response to such a question included the one requirement of understanding "a compelling vision for Western�s future" as well as the specifics of a donation: what it will be used for; how it will make a difference; how it will change the university; and how the donor will know that he or she make a significant impact.

Bowers emphasized the importance of programs where specific outcomes can be illustrated. Bowers mentioned an endowed chair in the sciences that might affect faculty and students for generations, or a several million dollar endowment that might grant every valedictorian in the state a scholarship to Western, as examples of "specific deliverables."

Bowers mentioned that the discussion on principles is closely entwined with the branding initiative research, and also involves the results from the "100 conversations".

Bowers asks faculty to send her their ideas for campaign strategy.

Agenda Items:

Standing Committee Minutes � Reading and Acceptance

Senate Standing Committee Date Action
Academic Coordinating Commission 1/5/2010 ACCEPTED. Approved Curriculum Minutes
University Planning & Resources Council 12/2/09  



ACCEPTED. Managing Capital Projects: Benner, Wynn, Halle; with responses from faculty reps

Academic Technology Committee 1/6/2010 ACCEPTED. Passwords; Banner; Grad School; Fees

APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS � Chuck Lambert, Appointments Officer

Senators voted to approve the 2010 Senate Election Schedule for online voting.

Assessment Advisory Committee: Senators voted to appoint the following faculty: David Bover, Computer Science; Tracy Thorndike Christ, Special Education; Shaw Gynan, Mod & Classical Lang; Alex Czopp, Psychology. As Alternate: Michael Meehan, Computer Science

VACANCIES: Graduate Strategic Advisory Committee:

One faculty representative from each of the Colleges and the Library appointed by the college or library faculty governance.

Candidate for chair of the Committee (to be jointly appointed by Provost and Senate).


Senators moved to a faculty caucus at 5:40 pm following a short break and then adjourned at 5:54 pm.

Rose Marie Norton-Nader, Recorder, 1-25-2010


Karen Stout, Secretary 2009-10


Faculty Senators whose terms end in 2011

Senate President 2009-2010

1 Spencer Anthony-Cahill SenACC Chemistry A P

Daniel Larner, Fairhaven

2 Branko Curgus Math A P

Past President

3 Chris Suczek ATC Geology A P

Matthew Liao-Troth

4 David Hartenstine Math A P
5 Michael J Mana Psychology B P Ex Officio
6 Vicki Hsueh Political Sci B P 1 Bruce Shepard, University President Exc
7 Mick Cunningham Sociology B P 2 Catherine Riordan, Provost Exc
8 Ryan Wasserman Philosophy C P 3 Roger Gilman, Provost�s Council --
9 Daniel Rangel-Guerrero M&CL C P
10 Kristin E Denham English C P Past Pres, Legislative Liaison, UFWW, ASVP
11 Michiko Yusa At-Large Exec M&CL C P 1 Matthew Liao-Troth, Senate Pres 2008-09 --
12 Erin Hazard Art D P 2 Marsha Riddle Buly, Legislative Liaison 09-10 Oly
13 Shawn Knabb Sen Libraries Economics E P 3 Steven Garfinkle, President, UFWW P
14 John Feodorov Fairhaven F P 4 Ramon Rinonos-Diaz, ASVP-Academics P
15 Joanne Carney Elem Ed H P
Faculty Senators whose terms will end in 2010 Guests, Recorder
16 Roger Anderson ACC to UPRC Biology A P 1 Stephanie Bowers, Vice President for University Advancement, Foundation P
17 James Hearne VChair ACC Comp Sci A --
18 Robert Marshall Anthropology B P
19 Scott Pearce VP & Parl, UPRC Lib Studies C P
20 Karen Stout Secretary Exec Comm C P
21 Diana Wright History C P
22 David Meyer Music D -- 2 Rose Marie Norton-Nader, Recorder P
23 Madge Gleeson UPRC mem Art D P Senators Present 28
24 David Gilbertson Accounting E P Absent or Excused (2)
25 Chris Sandvig for Mark Springer Decision Sci E P Ex Officio --
26 Daniel Larner Sen President Fairhaven F P Past Pres, Leg Liaison, UFWW, ASVP 2
27 Grace Wang Env S G P Guests and Recorder 2
28 Mary Lynne Derrington Ed. Admin. H P
29 Chuck Lambert Appt &E Exec Spec. Educ H P TOTAL PRESENT 32
30 Elizabeth Stephen Libraries I P Date: January 25, 2010