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The Senate meets on alternate Mondays in OM340 at 4pm

Allison Giffen, Senate President, x2013
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September 6, 2017 Letter to Faculty: DACA and our undocumented students

November 29, 2016 Letter to Faculty: Supporting our undocumented students


What is the Faculty Senate?

It is the policy of Western Washington University that there shall be meaningful participation by the faculty, through the Faculty Senate or other recognized faculty bodies, in matters relating to university academics, budget, planning and policy at all levels of internal university governance. This is consistent with the University's policy of open participation in governance. (Faculty Handbook, II.B.1)

The Faculty Senate is empowered to speak and act for the Faculty with responsibility in the areas of curriculum, academic programs, scholarly activities, the education of students, the mission of the university, and institutional and administrative effectiveness. These matters are not covered by the contract between WWU and the United Faculty of Western Washington (UFWW).

The Senate agenda, the minutes, and short abstracts of meeting activities are sent to faculty and published on the web after meetings.


Who serves on the Senate?

Each Senator at Western represents a specific constituent group, usually in his or her discipline, and works to apprise constituents of current Senate action and discussions. Senate Elections and appointments to Standing Committees take place in Spring quarter.


What committee work does the Senate oversee?

The Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC), the University Planning and Resources Council (UPRC), the Social Justice and Equity Committee (SJEC), the Academic Technology Committee (ATC), the Senate Library Committee (SLC), and the Senate Extended Education Committee (SEEC) are standing committees of the Faculty Senate that extend it's capacity and help it to fulfill its mission.

The Faculty Legislative Representative (FLR) appointed by the Senate is a member of the Council of Faculty Representatives (CFR), an organization of faculty from every baccalaureate college and university in the State. Western's FLR helps to coordinate and formulate recommendations to guide legislative efforts on behalf of higher education.


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