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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

"One of the biggest factors in allowing me to consider a legal career was the professors..."

Ceci Lopez (08)

Law, Diversity & Justice Concentration

What drew you to Fairhaven's Center for Law, Diversity & Justice?

"I started to take core classes for the LDJ concentration when I started toying with the idea of exploring a career in law. The more classes I took, the more I liked them. I liked that those classes were challenging, structured but flexible, interesting, and with direct consequences to my future plans. Before writing my concentration, I considered doing a Political Science major instead. However, the more classes from the LDJ I took, the more I knew I wanted to go to law school. I wanted to learn directly from lawyers who have had practical experience in the field. Also, the professors could help me gage my strengths and help me work on my weak spots to make it into law school."


About LDJ Concentration

"Once I decided to go to law school, it was only natural for me to do the LDJ program. It gave me the foundation to understand the structure of law classes, the legal system, and especially, I helped me to familiarize myself with how to tackle my legal education. I am most comfortable when doing a task when I have had time to do it and rehearsed it more than once. The LDJ program gave me this opportunity, which I personally consider the single most valuable "gift" I received from the program. Because of that, I feel well prepared and confident that I have the basic tools for succeeding in law school."

Fairhaven Professors

"One of the biggest factors in allowing me to consider a legal career was the professors involved in the program. As a woman of color, I thought it would be impossible for me to even attempt to do it. However, when I came to Fairhaven, I met two of the most influential women in my life: Teri McMurtry-Chubb and Raquel Montoya-Lewis. Their presence provided me with the inspiration to even consider a legal education possible for me.

With them, I did not have to explain my hesitations, my concerns, or my fears. They understood and knew what I was going through and supported me in that capacity. Their presence at the school was the biggest catalyst to my current path."

The Future

"I am attending University of Washington Law school. During my education at Fairhaven I realized the many ways in which societies use law and the many ramifications of its application.  I also have a passion for political economy, and the way both disciplines intercept opens many options for my participation.  I am not sure what I want to focus on while I am in law school, but I am interested in exploring fields like Law of Sustainable Development, Environmental Law, and Human Rights Law with an interdisciplinary focus."