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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

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How is Fairhaven planning for the future? What decisions will Fairhaven make in the face of 2009-2010 budget cuts?

See the documents below to read more.



download - 2010 Assessment Report, 2010 (PDF, 197K)

download - June 12, 2009: Annual Report, 2008-09 (PDF, 537K)

download - 2008: Fairhaven Self-Study (PDF, 240K)


Strategic Planning

download - Sept. 2008: Framework for Developing a Strategic Plan (PDF, 208K)

download - Sept. - Nov. 2008: Strengths, Challenges, Opporutnities & Threats (SCOT) Analysis (PDF, 92K)

download - Nov. 2008: Budget Reduction Guidelines (PDF, 41K)

download - Jan. - Feb. 2009: Process for Budget Reductions (PDF, 45K)

download - Mar. 2009: Budget Presentation to WWU Community (PDF, 50K)


Marketing & Branding

Fall 2009: A Framework for the Branding of Fairhaven College (internal document)


Speeches & Writings

download -What is a Liberal Education?

download - What is a Progressive College?


download - Elegy for Harvey Gelder (54K)

April 16th 2010 Editorial: Fairhaven College Celebrating Graduation Milestone at WWU