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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies


John Feodorov

John Feodorov

Associate Professor of Art
Fairhaven College Rm 306
(360) 650-2556


PLEASE NOTE: John Feodorov is on Sabbatical leave for the 2013-14 acadmeic year.


As a mixed-blood urban Indian, I grew up between the Navajo reservation and the suburbs of Los Angeles. Most of my Navajo relatives were Christianized and taught to see their Native culture as backwards and heathenness. Many succumbed to alcoholism. It was only in college that I began to be actively aware and appreciative of my own cultural history and spiritual tradition. These experiences continue to influence my world-view and the art I create.

I use a variety media in my art such as painting, drawing, installation, assemblage, video and sound/music. I wrestle with ideas of spirituality, identity and place through my art. I am not interested in creating art that is merely decorative. I am for an art that engages and at times confronts the viewer. I am not interested in expressing my Self, but in expressing my Humanity.


In 2001, I was featured in the first season of the PBS television series, "Art 21: Art for the 21st Century" as well as in the companion book published by Harry N. Abrams. I served as an Arts Commissioner for the City of Seattle from 2000-2003. In addition, I have worked with community-based youth art groups such as Arts Corps, Red Eagle Soaring and Power of Hope. I am also a musician/songwriter with a long history of performance and recording.


Interest Areas

Art, Music

Selected Bibliography

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