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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies


Fairhaven Faculty photo

Chris Vita

Lecturer & Recording Studio Coordinator and
(360) 650-4915


Chris Vita has a vantage point as far as Bellingham music goes.

Firstly, he's a sound engineer: he's recorded local acts The Russians, 10 Killing Hands, Karate Kitchen and more.
He's also a musician himself, playing in the on-again off-again band Crossfox.

Plus there's the recording class he teaches at Fairhaven College, his time spent doing live sound for the Viking Union, and his local-music program "Face the Music" on KUGS 89.3fm.

"So this guy's run the whole loop of the Bellingham music community – through it, out the other side, 'round the top, and back through it again. Creator, communicator, receiver, instructor."

-excerpt from "What's Up! Magazine" (December 2007)



Chris Vita, Audio Recording Instructor from Fairhaven College, WWU.