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Giving to Fairhaven

Thank you for considering a gift to Fairhaven College. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will support the top quality learning opportunities that Fairhaven strives to provide to every student.


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How to Give

Fairhaven College is a part of Western Washington University. All gifts to Fairhaven College are received by the WWU Foundation Office. If you'd like to learn more about giving to Fairhaven, see the following links:


Ways to Give | Types of Gifts

Make A Gift Now ("Fairhaven" will autofill on the form).


What your gift supports

All gifts to Fairhaven support student learning and enrichment. You can make an unrestricted gift to be used at the discretion of the Dean where it is most needed, or you can designate your gift to a particular project or funding priority.

One important way our donors enrich student learning is by making gifts in support of student financial aid. Gifts for scholarships and student grants provide direct and meaningful support to Fairhaven's students. Donations of $20,000 or more can be used to create new named scholarship endowments. Smaller gifts can help grow existing scholarships, or support Fairhaven's Student Development Grant fund.

Scholarships | Student Development Grant


Funding Priorities

Student Scholarships

Student Scholarships are in some cases the single most important factor in determining whether a student will be able to pursue a University degree.  Fairhaven has a critical need for scholarships to support students struggling with the cost of tuition. Students of the Center for Law, Diversity & Justice also rely on scholarships for prep courses to help them succeed on the LSAT exams required for admission to law school.


Scholarships | Center for Law, Diversity & Justice

Dean’s Innovation Fund

Next to scholarships, the Dean's Innovation Fund is Fairhaven’s most important funding priority. This fund supports a variety of needs for faculty and students, including special projects, and faculty research. The Dean’s Innovation Fund enables Fairhaven to be responsive to unique educational opportunities for students and faculty that fall outside the scope of the College's coursework.


Faculty Profiles | Student Profiles

World Issues Forum

Fairhaven’s World Issues Forum lectures--which are always free and open to the public--are known throughout the University and the broader community for encouraging timely and thought-provoking discourse on topics of global significance. Lectures scheduled during the 2009 academic year include “The Politics of Health”, “The Evolution of Intelligent Design: Why ID Matters”, and “The Plight of Afghan Women.” Fairhaven College depends on philanthropic support to bring internationally renowned speakers and lecturers to campus.


World Issues Forum


Adventure Learning Grant

Fairhaven’s Adventure Learning Grant currently provides $15,000 each to three students for an intensive ten-month period of degree-related fieldwork in developing nations. Students document their experience to share with the Fairhaven community and beyond. Additional philanthropic support would help us expand this program to serve more students each year.


Adventure Learning Grant


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Contact Western Washington University Foundation with any further questions or concerns:


(360) 650-3027