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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Devin Makjut quote: "I will be doing challenging and powerful re-education."

Devin Makjut

"Social Artistry: Studies in Cultural Identity & Expressive Arts Facilitation"

Why Fairhaven?

"I was initially interested in Fairhaven because of the emphasis on justice-oriented, social education. However, I ended up choosing Fairhaven because I was so excited by the chance to design my own concentration in areas of my interest. I was born & raised in Bellingham and I wanted to stay in this beautiful place, right between the mountains and the sea."

Incredible Advising

"One thing I have found to be consistently true about Fairhaven is that it’s supportive. When I walk into school in the morning, I am greeted by staff, faculty, and students and I always feel welcome and encouraged. The relationship with faculty and the incredible advising is one of the most unique things about Fairhaven. I so appreciate the chance to work closely with faculty who support my learning and challenge me in my work, to ultimately make it so much better."

Resources of Western

"It’s incredible to go to class and know the students and faculty, and to be able to sit around small tables -- when you walk out of class you find yourself surrounded by the resources of such a larger university -- incredible student programming, libraries, gym, and more. There are so many chances to get involved on Western’s campus, and Fairhaven just acts as a great home base."


"Fairhaven has challenged everything I thought and believed about education. My time here has made me confident in the power of education to change minds, hearts, and lives. I have learned that learning can be innovative, experiential, and ever-changing based on your background and experience. I came into college wanting to be a classroom teacher, and I am leaving with a background in cultural, ethnic, and gender studies with intentions to work in community organizations to re-frame what we consider teaching/learning and to work in communities that don’t have access to traditional or college educations, doing challenging and powerful re-education."

The Search for Homeland

"I presented a paper titled 'The Search for Homeland and Heritage: Mixed-Race Indians in American Indian Literature' in American Indian Studies that I had the chance to present this spring at the National Association for Ethnic Studies Conference in San Diego. This paper focused on representations of Mixed-Race Indians in American Indian literature and the search for homeland/heritage that is represented in American Indian novels. My advisor for this project was Professor Dan First Scout Rowe."

Social Justice, Youth Empowerment and Coffee Shops

"I work full time in the Associated Students at Western as the Coordinator of the Social Issues Resource Center, organizing events about a multitude of social justice issues. I also work in the Bellingham community with youth doing arts empowerment work, in school/after school, weekend conferences, and summer camp programs." You can also find Devin spending time with friends in coffee shops, walking around downtown Bellingham, riding her bicycle, and hiking…



American Cultural Studies



Devin presented her paper"The Search for Homeland and Heritage: Mixed-Race Indians in American Indian Literature" for Scholar's Day 2009.

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