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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Dario Re

Art & Ethnomycology

My concentration title is in the shop getting a tune up but essentially explores observation specifically in Art & Ethnomycology. I see observation as an extremely important trait and am interested in cross-cultural ideas of observation and how it shapes relationships with nature, food and Art. I am predominately a painter; I love art history and I study mushrooms.

I am curious, reflective, Italian, and thirsty—sounds metaphoric, but I just drink a lot of water.

I like a great dance beat, feeling small in the forest. I dislike defensiveness and text messaging.

I've learned to be direct, inquisitive and listen well.

I am going to raise my children bilingual.

An education here matters because it teaches one to think critically.

My favorite place in Bellingham is impossible to single out but wait… did you say top ten? The Chuckanuts, Jinx Art Space, Temple Bar, Avellino, Fairhaven Smoke Shop, “The F,” Honeymoon, Elizabeth Park, Whatcom Museum and Mossy Roc Disc Golf Course.