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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Fall 2009 Courses

Fairhaven Course Descriptions, Fall 2009

Wed, Sept. 24 - Sat, Dec. 13, 2009

Couses are listed below by level and course number. Click on the course name to see the full description. For course times and locations, there are links to Classfinder at the bottom of each description. See below for links to drafts of future courses.


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Course Level:

100 - 200 | 300 | 400




100-200 Level Courses
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
42591 101a Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study McClure Core Requirement
42596 201a Critical & Reflective Inquiry Bower Core Requirement
42594 201a Critical & Reflective Inquiry Anderson Core Requirement
43414 201a Critical & Reflective Inquiry Eaton Core Requirement
42595 201a Critical & Reflective Inquiry Tag Core Requirement
43640 201a Critical & Reflective Inquiry Rowe Core Requirement
43639 201a Critical & Reflective Inquiry Cornish Core Requirement
42598 202a Humanities and the Expressive Arts Feodorov Core Requirement
42600 203a Social Relationships and Responsibilities Jack Core Requirement
42796 203a Social Relationships and Responsibilities Takagi Core Requirement
42599 203a Social Relationships and Responsibilities Akinrinade Core Requirement
42601 206a Science and Our Place on the Planet Walker Core Requirement
43798 212c Introduction to Political Economy Ó Murchú  
43638 213d Slave Narratives & Other Testimonies Takagi  
42706 218c The Hispano/A-American Experience Estrada  
42707 219d African-American Experience Takagi  
42719 222h Imaginative Writing: Poetry and Image Cornish  
42603 223g Elements of Style Tag  
43776 223k Personal Narratives: Interview Anderson  
42605 231n Intro to Appl. Human Ecology: Sustainable Systems Bornzin  
43874 243u Topics in Mind and Body: Mind & Brain Brewer  
42607 252v Introduction to Drawing S'eiltin  
41496 255y Folk Music Experience Eaton/Bower  
42608 258w Introduction to Acrylic Painting Feodorov  
42613 275b Introduction to Digital Video Production Miller  
43906 275e 50 Random Acts of Theater Robinson  
  275f Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sustainability Bornzin  
42614 275h Audio Recording I Vita  
43905 275r Sensing in Motion Nichols  
43921 275q Dreams: Theory and Practice Wischerth/Jack  


300-Level Courses
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
42615 303a Interdisciplinary Concentration Seminar Ó Murchú/Tuxill Core Requirement
41497 305a Writing & Transition Conference McClure Core Requirement
43876 319b Current Issues in the Law Symons Society & the Individual Req. LDJ Core Requirement
43779 325g Maps Tag Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
42623 332q Topics: Applied Conservation Biology Tuxill Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
43780 334c International Human Rights Akinrinade Society & the Individual Req.
43875 334n Topics in Evolutionary Biology: Darwin Burnett Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
42624 335b Global Inquiry Anderson  
43791 336b Topics in Social Issues: Acitivism Osterhaus Society & the Individual Req.
43907 336n Topics in Science: Natural History Walker  
43792 343r Death and Dying Eaton Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.Society & the Individual Req.
42627 354v Scriptwriting Workshop I Larner Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
43945 361e Race into the Movies II Takagi  
42629 375h Audio Recording II Vita  
41534 375p Introduction to Pro Tools Vita  
41535 375q Pro Tools HD Recording Vita  
41536 375t World Issues Group Study Osterhaus  
43860 375v Workers of the World Frandle/Ó Murchú  
42630 378e Whatcom Civil Rights Project Practicum Helling  
42631 378f Court Watch Helling  
43867 387k Grant Writing Workshop Coulet du Gard  
43799 391e American Indian Resistances Rowe  
43890 397b Topics in Law: Law School Montoya-Lewis  
43908 397i Exploring Ethics Jack Society & the Individual Req.
43879 397v Medicine, Health and Healing Banks Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.


400-Level Courses
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
42846 403a Advanced Seminar S'eiltin Core Requirement
43465 412e Adv Tpcs in Law: Children and the Law Montoya-Lewis LDJ Core Requirement
42628 454y Scriptwriting Workshop II Larner Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
43778 458w Studio Paint: Theory and Practice Feodorov  
42634 464d Advanced Topics in American Indian Studies Rowe Society & the Individual Req.



These icons designate courses that meet Fairhaven's Core Curriculum Requirements:

Core Requirement Fairhaven Core Curriculum

Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req. Humanities & Expressive Arts II

Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req. Science & Our Place on the Planet II

Society & the Individual Req. Society & the Individual II

LDJ Core Requirement Law, Diversity & Justice


Upper-Division Core Classes:

Find courses that meet the Upper-Division requirements.

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