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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Fairhaven College Courses: Winter 2009

Fairhaven course Schedule, Spring 2009

Tues, Mar 31 - Fri. June 12

Couses are listed below by level and course number. Click on the course name to see the full description. For course times and locations, there are links to Classfinder at the bottom of each description.


Course Level:

100-200 | 300 | 400

100 - 200 Level
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
23071 101A Intro Interdisciplinary Study McClure Core Requirement
23251 201a Critical & Reflective Inquiry Cornish Core Requirement
23078 202a Core: Humanities/Express Arts Larner Core Requirement
23079 203a Social Relationshp/Responsibil Anderson Core Requirement
23080 203a Social Relationshp/Responsibil Jack Core Requirement
23081 206a Core:Science/Our Plc on Planet Tuxill Core Requirement
23082 211b The American Legal System Helling LDJ Core Requirement
23132 218c The Hispano/a-American Exper Hazelrigg-Hernandez
23083 223g Elements of Style Tag
23085 231n Intro Appl Hum Ecol: Sustan Sys Bornzin
23086 255y Folk Music Experience Bower
23087 275b Intro to Digital Video Prdctn Miller
23088 275h Audio Recording I Vita
23284 275p Playing with Science Plemmons/Bornzin
23301 275q Dreams:Theory & Practice Wischerth/Jack
23299 275t Straight Talk About Blindness Moerke/Anderson
300 Level
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
23089 303a Core: Intrdisc Cncntrtn Sem Rowe/Feodorov/Helling Core Requirement
23090 305a Writing & Transition Conferenc McClure Core Requirement
23225 312d Iss In'tl Stud: Settler States O Murchu Society & the Individual Req.
23304 WMNS 313 American Women's Studies: 1850-Present Anderson
23189 323g Imag Writ II: Childrens Books Cornish Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
23094 330e Ethnobotany Tuxill Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
23095 334p Field Science: Marine Bower Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
23163 334q Science/Music of Natural Sounds Bower Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
23096 335b Global Inquiry Anderson
23097 335n Visioning Sustainable Futures Bornzin Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
23292 336b Top Soc Iss:HumanRights Africa Akinrinade Society & the Individual Req. LDJ Core Requirement
- 336b Top Soc Iss: Psych of Symbols Brewer Society & the Individual Req.
- 336b Top Soc Iss: Exploring Education Marshak Society & the Individual Req.
23190 336n Topics in Science: Drugs Lotts Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
23191 336v Topics in Art: The Tempest Burnett Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
23098 341r Psyc of Mindfulness/Well-being Jack Society & the Individual Req.
23247 342u Culture & Eating Disorders Jack Society & the Individual Req.
23101 355w Installation Art Feodorov
23102 375h Audio Recording II Vita
23300 375n Embodied Futures Nichols
23103 375p Aud MD Disk Edit Vita
23104 375q Pro Tools HD Recording Vita
23105 375t World Issues Group Study Osterhaus
23298 375v Workers of the World - CANCELLED - Frandle/O' Murchu
23107 378e Whatcom Civil Rights Proj Prac Helling
23109 378f Court Watch Helling
23110 381g Topics in Literature Larner Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
23276 386e Top Humanities: Hist Pop Music Purdue Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
23133 399b Contemp American Indian Issues Rowe Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.

400 Level
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
23111 403a Advanced Seminar Montoya-Lewis Core Requirement
23112 403a Advanced Seminar S'eiltin Core Requirement
23113 403a Advanced Seminar Tag Core Requirement
23252 403a Advanced Seminar Takagi Core Requirement
23114 414b Vietnam on Film Takagi Society & the Individual Req.
23115 423k Space, Place and Imagination Tag Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
23117 436n AdvTopics Science: Agroecology Tuxill Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
23119 451x Resistance Art of the Indigena S'eiltin Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.


These icons designate courses that meet Fairhaven's Core Curriculum Requirements:

Core Requirement Fairhaven Core Curriculum

Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req. Humanities & Expressive Arts II

Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req. Science & Our Place on the Planet II

Society & the Individual Req. Society & the Individual II

LDJ Core Requirement Law, Diversity & Justice

* Upper Division Core Curriculum Requirements

Previous Courses

For previous courses through 2003, search Classfinder with the subject "Fairhaven."



To request the printed booklet of the quarterly course desciptions, please contact the Fairhaven College main office at (360) 650-6680.