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Fairhaven College Courses: Winter 2009

Fairhaven Course Descriptions, Winter 2009

Couses are listed below by level and course number. Click on the course name to see the full description. For course times and locations, there are links to Classfinder at the bottom of each description. The Core Curriculum icons (listed below) designate courses that meet Fairhaven's Core Curriculum Requirements. For courses from previous quarters, search Classfinder with the subject "Fairhaven."


Course Level:

100-200 | 300 | 400

100-200 Level
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
13983 101A Intro Interdisciplinary Study McClure Core Requirement
- 200 Independent Study    
13984 201A Critical & Reflective Inquiry Conton Core Requirement
13985 201A Critical & Reflective Inquiry Burnett Core Requirement
13986 202A Core: Humanities/Express Arts Feodorov Core Requirement
13988 203A Social Relationshp/Responsibil Ducat Core Requirement
13989 203A Social Relationshp/Responsibil Jack Core Requirement
13987 203A Social Relationshp/Responsibil O Murchu Core Requirement
13990 206A Core:Science/Our Plc on Planet Bower Core Requirement
14139 212C Intro Political Economy O Murchu  
14051 215F The Asian American Experience Takagi  
14086 221J College Writing Cornish  
13991 223G Elements of Style Tag  
13992 231N Intro Appl Hum Ecol:Sustan Sys Bornzin  
13993 232P User-Friendly Statistics Bornzin  
14102 254X Intro to Relief Printing S'eiltin  
13994 255Y Folk Music Experience Bower  
14050 263B American Indian Experience Rowe  
13995 275B Intro to Digital Video Prdctn Miller  
13996 275H Audio Recording I Vita  
300 Level
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
- 300 Independent Study    
13997 303A Core:Intrdisc Cncntrtn Sem Tag/S'eiltin Core Requirement
13998 305A Writing & Transition Conferenc McClure Core Requirement
14001 312E Transgender Identities & History Montoya-Lewis  
14164 323G Imag Writ II: Poetry & Sound Cornish  
14002 328M American Lives Tag Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
14085 334N Topics Evol Biology: Humans Bower Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
14171 336b Top Soc Iss: Political Psychology Ducat Society & the Individual Req.
14084 336B Top Soc Iss: Conserv Voice Keller Society & the Individual Req.
14162 336B Top Soc Iss:PostModern Schools Marshak Society & the Individual Req.
14158 336B Soc Issues: Int'l Human Rights Akinrinade Society & the Individual Req.
14163 336V Topics Art:Instrumnts of Chang Coulet du Gard Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
14091 336V Topics in Art: Into Film Dugger Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
14036 338P Clt/Biol Prspc of Preg/Chldb Bower Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
14103 351W Printmaking Narratives S'eiltin Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
14006 352Y Visual Art Workshop S'eiltin  
14007 354V Scriptwriting Workshop I Larner Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
14010 358W Advanced Acrylic Painting Feodorov  
14052 366E Comparative Cultural Studies Hazelrigg-Hernandez Society & the Individual Req.
14011 369C Vietnam War Redux Rowe Society & the Individual Req.
14013 375H Audio Recording II Vita  
14179 375I Space, Form and Mischief Merrill Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
14014 375P Aud MD Disk Edit Vita  
14015 375Q Pro Tools HD Recording Vita  
14016 375T World Issues Group Study Osterhaus  
14017 377D Whatcom Civil Rights Project Helling  
14018 378E Whatcom Civil Rights Proj Prac Helling  
14019 378F Court Watch Helling  
14020 381G Topics in Lit: Philip Pullman Helling Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
14021 393B Rights,Liberties,Justice in Am Larner Society & the Individual Req. LDJ Core Requirement
14022 397G Ecology/Culture Mesoamerica Tuxill Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req.
400 Level
CRN Number Course Title Instructor Core
- 400 Directed Independent Study    
- 401a 401A Core: Senior Project    
14023 403A Advanced Seminar Tuxill Core Requirement
14025 419F Cross-Cultural Shamanism Conton  
14075 422K Advanced Legal Writing Helling LDJ Core Requirement
14160 444U Depression:Cause/Cultr/Trtmnt Jack Society & the Individual Req.
14027 452W Thematic Life Drawing Feodorov  
14009 454Y Scriptwriting Workshop II Larner Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req.
14168 499A Human Rights, World Vision Osterhaus Society & the Individual Req.


These icons designate courses that meet Fairhaven's Core Curriculum Requirements:

Core Requirement Fairhaven Core Curriculum

Humanities & Expressive ArtsCore Req. Humanities & Expressive Arts II

Science & Our Place on the Planet  Req. Science & Our Place on the Planet II

Society & the Individual Req. Society & the Individual II

LDJ Core RequirementLaw, Diversity & Justice

Previous Courses:

For a list of courses from previous quarters through 2003, search Classfinder with the subject "Fairhaven."

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