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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Summer 2010 Courses: 100-200 Level

------- | Fair 200 Directed Independent Study

Beginning level independent study project. Typically, an independent study at this level is the student's first exploration of this topic or content area. With the guidance of a faculty sponsor, the student developed a proposal identifying learning objectives related to the specific topic area. The proposal also described the resources necessary to complete the study and the criteria for demonstration and evaluation of learning. Students propose and register individually for the Independent Study through Web4U. Additional documentation about the specifics of this project are available online at


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30713 | Fair 201a Critical and Reflective Inquiry

Julie Helling 5 credits


This interdisciplinary seminar engages students in the processes of critical and reflective thinking, reading and writing. It is a place to explore what these processes are, why they are valued, how they work, and where they fit into a Fairhaven education. The theme of this section is Power, Privilege and the Law. This class centers on questions regarding identity and how legal constructions of difference have worked to exclude certain groups. We will study legal cases involving a variety of communities, including the concepts of race, gender, sexuality, the "poor," and disabilities.


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31067 | Fair 203a Social Relationships and Responsibilities

Niall O Murchu 5 credits


Prerequisite: Admission to Fairhaven College; required of all new students in the first or second quarter of enrollment at Fairhaven.


This experimental summer session of 203a Social Relationships and Responsibilities will include more films, in-class paper development, and in-class reading than during the academic year.


The seminar is a critical introduction to modern social theory – the ideas and ideologies on which liberal democracy is based. The seminar will trace the origins of enlightenment ideas that men are born free and equal. We will examine how radical those ideas were in the context of their times, and how they provided a basis for limiting the power of the state and the church to intervene in certain men's lives. We will then examine how the universalist ideals of the liberal enlightenment excluded those without property, people of color, and women. Students examine what happens when the ideal of society as a social contract between free and equal rights-bearing citizens is confronted with the realities of class-based inequality, racism, and sexism. Is society really a contract between free individuals? What rights and obligations should our membership in society entail? We ask whether modern liberal democracy can really provide equal citizenship for workers, women, and people of color, and we trace how movements for socialism, reconstruction, decolonization, and feminism try to remake the social order.


Texts: John Locke, Second Treatise on Government; Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Communist Manifesto; W.E.B. Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk; and Susan Moller Okin, Justice, Gender and the Family; and selected pieces by Malcolm X, Charles Mills, John Rawls, Patricia Hill Collins and others. Films: The Corporation; Marxist Philosophy; Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class; WEB Du Bois: A Biography in Four Voices; Killing Us Softly 3; Beyond Killing Us Softly; Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible; Color of Fear


Credit/Evaluation: active and informed participation in class discussion, contribution to a small group presentation, and two or three short analytical papers, in two drafts, engaging with the course’s theoretical perspectives and their relationship to specific social issues.


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31068 | Fair 275k Final Cut Pro

Mark Miller 2 credits


This is a crash course in editing with Final Cut Pro. This class is intended to provide the basic editing skills needed to work though the other one-week Media courses. The workshop can also be a stand-alone class to learn Final Cut Pro. We will plan, shoot and edit a total of 4 videos in-class. No Text required


Credit/Evaluation will be based on attendance, preparation, participation, and completion of all in-class assignments.


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30976 | Fair 280 Practicum


Students propose and register individually for the Practicum through Web4U. > Additional FAIR 280 Practicum Documentation.


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30793 | Fair 297d Watercolor

John Feodorov 3 credits


Our class will spend sunny and not so sunny days with paints, paper and brushes, experimenting with watercolor and other media. We will spend our time at beaches, parks, and forests creating artworks that respond to our natural environment. We will discuss various techniques and artists who have used watercolor with the intention of creating more than a pretty picture. Students will need to provide their own supplies; the instructor will provide a list. Good attendance and punctuality is mandatory. Previous art experience is helpful.


Credit/Evaluation: Credit will be based upon regular and punctual attendance, active informed participation in class discussions, and timely completion of all assignments and projects.


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