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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Summer 2010 Courses: 400 Level

----- | Fair 400 Directed Independent Study

Advanced level independent study project. Typically, an independent study at this level builds on significant previous work in this content area or with this topic. With the guidance of a faculty sponsor, the student developed a proposal identifying learning objectives related to the specific topic area. The proposal also described the resources necessary to complete the study and the criteria for demonstration and evaluation of learning. Students propose and register individually for the Independent Study through Web4U. Additional documentation about Fair 400 >


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30721 | Fair 454y Scriptwriting Workshop II

Daniel Larner 4 credits


The workshop is a collaborative, supportive group experience. Students are expected to comment on, support, and participate in the work of their fellow students in the workshop. Initial exercises and rewriting work with each others' material will be followed by gradual development of each student's project for the term. We may also read a published play or screenplay and discuss it together, as well as attend at least one production or film showing during the term. The emphasis in 354 is to acquire a working sense of dramatic action and a feel for how storytelling works dramatically, in any medium. Experimentation and trial-and-error are encouraged. By the end of the term, students will be expected to complete a one-act play (20-30 minutes) or its equivalent in another medium. Attention will be paid to getting complete drafts of scripts finished, and then if time remains, to get them ready for production--screenplays for video production and showcasing here on campus, through the Projections Film Festival in Bellingham, and possibly beyond; stage plays for production here at Fairhaven, at the New Playwrights Theatre in the Theatre Arts Department, at iDiOM Theatre in Bellingham, at the Bellingham One Act Theatre (BOAT) Festival at the Bellingham Theatre Guild, and at new play festivals in Seattle, at Northwest Playwrights Alliance events, and other venues; and radio plays for production at KUGS.


Texts: Textbooks TBA, to be selected from PLAYWRITING: THE STRUCTURE OF ACTION by Smiley; SCREENPLAY: THE FOUNDATIONS OF SCREENWRITING by Field; STORY by McKee; THE DRAMATIST'S TOOLKIT by Sweet; J. THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SCRIPTWRITING by Staczynski; SCREENWRITING STRATEGIES ON THE INTERNET by Wehner; THE WAY OF THE SCREENWRITER by Buchbinder, and others. A play and/or a screenplay, TBA, may be required, as may attendance at selected film screenings and/or theatre productions.


Credit/Evaluation: Students are expected to complete at least a substantial one-act play (approximately 20-30 minutes in length), or its equivalent in another medium. Work must be brought to class regularly and shared with the group. A portfolio of selected writings done during the term will be due at the end of the course. Unfailing, dependable attendance; completion of assigned readings; progressively better informed, responsive and constructive participation in the workshop; and steady effort in rewriting and revising are required for credit. Writing will be evaluated for its aptness for the stage (or the appropriate medium) and the development of the writer during the term.


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----- | Fair 480 Internship Practicum

Internship Practicum in an area related to student's course of study or concentration with specific roles and responsibilities. Specific learning goals and criteria for evaluation are identified in consultation with the faculty sponsor and the field supervisor. Students propose and register individually for the Internship through Web4U. Additional documentation on Fair 480 Internship Practicum


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