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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Summer 2011 Courses: 100-200 Level

------- | Fair 200 Directed Independent Study

Beginning level independent study project. Typically, an independent study at this level is the student's first exploration of this topic or content area. With the guidance of a faculty sponsor, the student developed a proposal identifying learning objectives related to the specific topic area. The proposal also described the resources necessary to complete the study and the criteria for demonstration and evaluation of learning. Students propose and register individually for the Independent Study through Web4U. Additional documentation about the specifics of this project are available online at


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30564| Fair 201a Critical and Reflective Inquiry

Tag 5 credits

You will know
when you walk
in bear country.
By the silence
flowing swiftly between juniper trees
by the sundown colors of sandrock
all around you.
                                                                                —Leslie Marmon Silko
This class is an invitation to walk in bear country.  Or, as poet Denise Levertov put it, to “Come into animal presence.”  We will explore what it means, as humans, to be animals, and how we imagine, understand, use, encounter, and live with nonhuman animals.  At the core of our explorations will be a series of questions that we develop, write down, talk about, examine, and share.  Think about all the ways in which your life intersects with and depends upon other creatures: worms making compost, bees pollinating crops, salmon frying on your grill, ravens calling down through the trees as you walk below, a cat rubbing against your leg.  What rights do such animals have?  How do they think, communicate, survive?  What are the limitations or possibilities for what we can know about animals beyond ourselves?  To what extent are our own actions, beliefs, senses, and being shaped by our animalness? 


To explore such questions we will read stories, articles, essays, and poems, write reflections, autobiographical narratives, and research essays, and spend lots of time talking, asking questions, and thinking critically.  We will consider the ways in which scientists, writers, artists, wildlife managers, veterinarians, ranchers, vegetarians, musicians, and storytellers speak about animals and their own animalness. Animals will be at the center of everything we do and say and explore, even the very modern and ancient idea that we, too, are animals, and what that means for our actual relationships to the wild and domestic creatures with whom we share this planet. This will be a reflective, thought-provoking, and creative class.  Please bring stories of your own animal encounters and a willingness to collectively investigate, illuminate, and listen to the many and varied stories of animal presence.




Credit/Evaluation:  Faithful attendance.  Active participation in class discussions, presentations, writing workshops, and other activities.  Completion and quality of coursework: several short reflective and analytical essays, an Autobiographical Narrative, a Research Essay, a Writing Plan, and a Book of Questions.


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30668 | Fair 275k Final Cut Pro

Mark Miller 2 credits


July 25-29, 2011, MTWRF 8am-Noon


This is a crash course in using the cameras available from ATUS and editing with Final Cut Pro. We will plan, shoot and edit a total of 4 videos in-class.


No Text required


Credit/Evaluation will be based on attendance, preparation, participation, and completion of all in-class assignments.


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30976 | Fair 280 Practicum


Students propose and register individually for the Practicum through Web4U. Additional documentation about the specifics of this project are available online at:


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