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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Upper Division Core Curriculum Requirements

Winter 2010 Courses which meet the Upper Division


music note Humanities & Expressive Arts II

323G Imaginative Writing II

336V Topics inArt (various topics)

349V Art During Wartime

351W Printmaking Narratives

381G Topics in Literature: Whitman

422J Art of the Essay: Writing Body


leaves image Science & Our Place on the Planet II

339N Envrn Issues Indig Peopls N AM

397F Sustainable Forestry


person image Society & the Indiviual II

310N American Indians in the Cinema

322M Childhood in America

334B Human Rights Accountability

334D State Failure & Collapse

336B Topics in Social Issues: Right to Water

366E Comparative Cultural Studies

371B Topics in Middle East Studies

441U Relational Self: Theories/Rsrch

463C Federal Indian Law


Future courses meeting the Upper Division Core Curriculum requirement

(may be offered in upcoming quarters or years)


music note Humanities & Expressive Arts II

322m Memoirs: Childhood in America

328m American Lives

323g Imaginative Writing II

324h Poetry and Lyric

325j Studies in Myth and Mythology

326k Studies in Film

328m American Lives

336v Topics in the Arts: (various topics)

341t Awareness Through the Body II

343r Death and Dying

349v Art During Wartime

351w Printmaking Narratives

353v Art in the Public Sphere

353x New Media and Contemporary Art

353y Songwriting Workshop

354v Scriptwriting Workshop I

355w Installation Art

375l Space, Form and Mischief

359v Art and Popular Culture (also taught as 350p)

381g Topics in Literature

384j Writing Nature

388m Oral History

397q Writing About Popular Music

397o Roots of Sound: Ethnomusicology of the African Diaspora

422j Art of the Essay -- Writing the Body

423k Space, Place and Imagination

451y Resistance Art of the Indigena

454y Scriptwriting Workshop II


leaves image Science & Our Place on the Planet II

336n Topics in Science: (various topics)

436n Adv. Topics in Science: (various topics)

330e Ethnobotany

330n Frontiers: New Perspectives in Science

331n Natural History

332n Current Environmental Topics

332q Applied Conservation Biology

334n Topics in Evolutionary Biology: (various topics)

334p Field Studies in Science

335n Visioning Sustainable Futures

338p Cultural and Biological Perspectives on Pregnancy and Childbirth

397e Ethnoecology

397g Ecology/Culture of Mesoamerica

397r The Misuse of Science

397v Medicine, Health, and Healing

435q Adv. Marine Bird Population Ecology (if taken for 4 credits or more)


person image Society & the Indiviual II

310d Peace Corps Experience

310n American Indians in the Cinema

312d Issues in Int'l Studies: (various topics)

312e Transgender Identities and History

313e Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Issues in Education

314e Studying Korea: Modern History, Culture, and People (no longer offered)

315c Over the Top: The Great War

319b Current Issues in the Law

325j Studies in Myth and Mythology

336b Topics in Social Issues: (various topics)

341r Psychology of Mindfulness and Well-Being

341s Psychology of Personality

342u Body Speaks: Eating Disorders

343r Death and Dying

344u Cross-Cultural Psychology

346t Culture, Personality, and Self: Asian and Western Perspective

347u Psychology of Women

349t Soc/Psychology through Film

361e Race in/to the Movies II: Race Relations on Film: 1950-1980

362f We're Not for Sale: History of Asian Women in America

364c El Movemiento Chicano

365d Issues in Contemporary Mexican Society

366e Comparative Cultural Studies

367b Issues in Political Economy

369c Vietnam War Redux

371b Topics in Mid East: Memoir

371e Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

372e Culture, Activism, an Introspection: African American & Caribbean Women's "Feminism"

374b The Cultural Creation of Identity

391e American Indian Resistances and Activism

393b Rights, Liberties and Justice in America

397m The Journey to NonViolence

397p Critical White Studies: White Identity, White Privilege

399b Contemporary Native American Issues

412b Gender and Globalization

412e Advanced Topics in Law: (various topics)

413e Curers, Clients, and Culture: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Health and Illness

414b Vietnam War on Film

441u The Relational Self: Theories and Research

444u Depression

448t Risk and Resilience in Adolescent Girls: Development, Culture and Identity

449r Political Psychology

464d Indian Studies: Identity

499a Human Rights/World Visions

WS 313 American Women's 1850-Present


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