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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Finding your path...

photo and graphics / Jack Lipke

Degree Options

Fairhaven College students have a wealth of major options to choose from. With the assistance of individualized advising, students may design an Interdisciplinary Concentration as their major (or the Concentration focusing on Law, Diversity & Justice) or choose to complete a major in one of WWU's other departments.

Interdisciplinary Concentration

You can design your own major as an Interdisciplinary Concentration combining multiple fields of interest and courses across the entire Western Washington campus. more


Law, Diversity & Justice

Specialize your concentration with issues of Law, Diversity & Justice. more

Upside Down Degree

Complete your B.A. by transferring with a technical degree. more

Fairhaven College Minors

Fairhaven College offers several different minors...more

WWU Major

Choose from 150 majors offered by Western Washington University departments. more

WWU Minor

Choose a Western Washington University Minor. more












Alice Bremner

Designing a Concentration

"I realized that Fairhaven would afford me the unique ability to design my own major and pursue studies that interest me outside of a traditional university framework."

Alice Bremner ('09)
Concentration title: "Medicine and Social Justice"