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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Mosque photo by Michaela Rollins

Exchanges & Abroad Opportunities

Fairhaven College students can study abroad via Fairhaven and Western Washington University courses and programs, take advantage of Fairhaven's unique membership with the CIEL (Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning) schools, or even apply for the Adventure Learning Grant.



Fairhaven: Sarah Ishmael

Alia Parker : Adventure Learning Grant Recipient (2007-8)

"During my Adventure Learning Grant travels I explored activism in Central and South America, with a focus on women and community health. I spent a significant part of my trip in Guatemala, particularly in an organic farming community of ex-combatants struggling for a future without violence.  I also spent a lot of time in Peru, where I was able to volunteer at a public health clinic and learn how they addressed community health concerns with limited resources. Visiting revolutionary museums in El Salvador and Nicaragua, hiking in the Andes of Ecuador and Peru, and witnessing the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo march in Buenos Aires, Argentina were also highlights of my ten months in Latin America. 

Fairhaven: Sarah Ishmael

Tyson Minck : Adventure Learning Grant Recipient (2007-8)

"My original plan of a South American cycling tour has now been extended to reflect my thoughts on consumption. While living outside of the western time frame, I decided that my time would be better spent cycling home than burning X gallons of jet fuel in one day on an airplane. My personal quest to understand technological progression and regression has led me to pursue my love for travel and learning through a vehicle that has always been liberating to me: the bicycle. Through interactions with cycling organizations, other cyclists, and residents of the globe, I am shaping life to reflect my philosophy of simplistic living. These ideas I live by every day and hope to share with others."