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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Alumni of American Cultural Studies

Explore profiles of ACS Alumni who graduated with a degree focused in American Cultural Studies.


Alberto MejiaAlberto Mejia | Program Director at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

“American Cultural studies was a compelling path of study because it pushed the boundaries of traditional fields of study that interested me- including political science, anthropology, economics and sociology." more

Amy BundyAmy Bundy | Police Officer & Forensic Child Interviewer

“My degree in ACS has helped me work with people from all different backgrounds in very sensitive situations… Part of my job as a law enforcement officer is to educate people about the laws and their rights, and I am able to connect cross culturally due to both my personal experiences and formal education.” more

Brett OmriBrett Omri | Fire Fighter

“ACS influenced my path into the fire service because I found it is one of the few pure public service occupations left.  Our job is strictly to help our community members during what often may be the worst day of their lives.  When we arrive at a scene we are expected to provide patient care and incident mitigation without regard to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.” more

Cecily Hazelrigg-HernandezCecily Hazelrigg-Hernandez | Public Defender & Fairhaven Faculty

“I knew that I wanted to go to law school before I came to WWU, so it was part of a lifelong thought process.  What ACS did for me, though, was to solidify my goal of serving underrepresented communities within the legal system and using a liberal form of activism to work to effect change from inside the social institution of “the law.” more

Charlene SternCharlene Stern | Rural Planning Coordinator

“ACS greatly influenced my path by exposing me early in my college experience to many diverse issues, communities, and perspectives. ACS also helped to prepare me academically for graduate school and to nurture within me a lifelong commitment to community-based work.” more

Joe WoodingJoe Wooding | Social Studies Teacher

“…the American Cultural Studies program is like a community of people who people who are critical of social conditions, yet striving to improve them. Many of my classmates and teachers were the same people organizing events and volunteering for organizations on campus and out in the community.” more

Trey AveryTrey Avery | Consulting Associate

“ACS really solidified and focused my desire to pursue a life and career focused on social change. I originally intended on working for health-related or LGBTQ causes, but ended up pursuing work in education. I now believe that improving education is the best way to see the change I’d like to see in the world.” more

ACS StudentVictoria Retasket | Graduate Student in WWU’s Student Affairs Administration program

“It was in this program that I found my career choice, and without taking classes with such intellectual and deeply knowledgeable faculty and classmates, I wouldn’t have had the strength to grow into new arenas of experience.” more


American Cultural Studies