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Larry Estrada, Jeanne Armstrong and students at ACS Scholars Day presentations


American Cultural Studies courses begin with the prefix AMST. Find course schedules on Classfinder, and programs of study in the WWU Catalog: Classfinder | WWU Catalog


202 The American Indian Experience

This course explores pre-contact American Indian cultures and the impacts of colonization, primarily in North America. Focus is on such aspects as sovereignty, treaty rights, health, education and economic development.


203 The Hispano/a American Experience

This course traces the development of the Hispano/a-American community, with emphasis on its history, its social and political institutions, and the effects of education, continuing immigration and economic stratification.


204 The African American Experience

This course provides an overview of African-American history from an interdisciplinary perspective. Emphasis is on the struggle for social and political equality in a developing capitalist economy. The contemporary social, economic and political life of African Americans also will be examined.


205 The Asian American Experience

This course examines the history of Asians in the United States, the development of communities and the effects of the encounter between Asian cultures and the developing American cultural context.


206 The Jewish American Experience

This course presents an overview of the Jewish experience in America, past and present Jewish American marginalization, encounters with anti-Semitism and impact on the national scene. This course will examine Jewish Americans as a secular community, a community of faith, and an American minority ethnic group.


 242 The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered (LGBT) Experience

This course focuses on the development of the LGBT community in the United States, with emphasis on identity formation, historical and sociological influences and the effects of encounters between LGBT cultures and the larger American cultural context.


301 Comparative Cultural Studies

Prereq: introductory level course in history, sociology, anthropology or equivalent. This course explores the interaction of immigrant and indigenous cultures with the developing American cultural patterns. Emphasis upon models and concepts of interaction, especially related to African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans and Latinos.


314 Contemporary Latino/a Issues

Prereq: AMST 203 or 301. The course will familiarize students with theoretical approaches, empirical research and policy issues relating to the social and historical conditions of Latino/as. By examining the conditions of adaptation, and particularly the implications of exclusion or inclusions, the course critically assesses the close ties that Latino/as have with the multiple dimensions of immigration and borders of many kinds.


315 Contemporary American Indian Issues

Prereq: AMST 202 or HIST 275. This course presents timely issues in Indian-White relations. Emphasis is on case studies of issues of sovereignty, land claims, treaty rights, cultural appropriation, economic development, health, education, and environment.


316 Contemporary African American Issues

Prereq: AMST 204 or 301. This course focuses on the various social, political and economic issues that affect the African American community, including education, economic development, affirmative action, reparations, interracial relations, criminal justice, racial discrimination, and political empowerment.


362 Asian American History

Prereq: Hist 103 or 104 or AMST 205 or 301. This course focuses on the contributions Asian Americans have made to the development of the United States, with emphasis on immigration, adaptation, settlement and the struggle for justice and equality.


499 Special Problems

Prereq: AMST 301 and senior status. This course is a research or field project designed to demonstrate the student's competence in working with the tools of the discipline. An approved AMST 417 seminar may substitute for AMST 499. PLEASE NOTE: This course is limited to ACS STUDENTS ONLY.





American Cultural Studies