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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Dan First Scout Rowe with advisees


Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies is the interdisciplinary, liberal arts college of Western Washington University. We are a small learning community where students take an uncommon degree of responsibility for the direction of their own education.


If you're a student who shows initiative, intellectual curiosity that crosses traditional academic boundaries, and tends to take a different path than others, then Fairhaven College—one of the seven colleges at Western Washington University—may be a place for you!


Admissions Brochure (PDF)

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How to Apply

Fairhaven College admits students at all levels: direct from high school, transfer students from other colleges, students who are already enrolled at Western Washington University. Because we're small, we have selective admission, though we admit students every quarter.  


Applying to Fairhaven is a 2-step process. Students must apply to both Western Washington University and Fairhaven College simultaneously. Apply Now >


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do students choose Fairhaven?

How is Fairhaven related to Western?

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Financing your Education

Fairhaven College and Western Washington University offer scholarships and grants to support students as well as Western Washington University's financial aid.

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Visiting Fairhaven

Fairhaven College is located at the south end of Western Washington Unviersity's campus in Bellingham, Washington.

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