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CLDJ Dinner, 2008

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Thematic programming

Each quarter in the academic year, the Center addresses a theme that brings together scholars, activists and community members.


During each term, courses at Fairhaven College are linked with the Center and students participate in developing research papers and symposia related to the theme. Visiting speakers and panels are also featured related to these themes, and community groups who are working in these areas are active participants.


Thematic Programming provides an opportunity to collaborate with other Centers and Programs on Western's campus that deal with the questions of social justice, diversity and the law, such as:



Thematic Programming also works with community groups, such as the Whatcom Civil Rights Project, the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force and Community to Community Development to respond to issues related to Whatcom and Skagit Counties.


Featured Courses


Featured Courses


Featured Courses


Previous Themes

The themes for the 2008-2009 Academic Year:


  • Fall Quarter 2008 - Elections and Social Justice
  • Winter Quarter 2009- Human Rights and Civil Liberties since 9/11
  • Spring Quarter 2009- Race and Crime



Center for Law, Diversity & Justice