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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

The Connection: March 2009 Alumni Newsletter

How Fairhaven Alumna Dana Starr ('97) gave back to Fairhaven...

When Dana Starr graduated from Fairhaven College in 1997, she knew she wanted to find a meaningful way to give back to the school that made such a difference in her life.


"Fairhaven changed me in a way that I never anticipated," she says. "Its holistic philosophy altered my thinking so profoundly. I wanted to make sure that experience would continue to be available for other students."

When Dana's mother passed away several years later, leaving Dana a third of her estate, she saw an opportunity to make a difference. She put in a call to the Western Foundation to find out how to include Fairhaven in her own estate plans. After weighing the many options available, Dana established an Annuity, making Fairhaven College the beneficiary.


Roger Gilman, Dan Larner, Dana StarrWhen the gift is eventually realized, The Dana Starr Endowment in honor of Dr. Daniel Larner will fund student and faculty enrichment at Fairhaven. Dana is thrilled to have found a way to support Fairhaven's students, and honor a valued faculty member at the same time. "Dan was a wonderful mentor to me," she says. "He was not only a great teacher, but was also personally kind and supportive."


Although Dana's gift is among the largest ever dedicated to Fairhaven by an alumnus, she is reluctant to receive the recognition such generosity deserves.


"What I'm giving Fairhaven," she says quietly, "doesn't even come close to what Fairhaven gave me."


Written by Jeremy Mauck