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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Pat Karlburg & Bob Keller; Julie Helling, Nasheba Barzey, Andrea Bibee.

(L to R) Bob Keller & Pat Karlburg, Julie Helling, Nasheba Barzey, a graduating student

Alumni Resources

Connecting to Fairhaven

Fairhaven College is developing new ways for our alumni and friends of Fairhaven to connect with one another, our students, and the college. Many ideas are in the works, including mentorship opportunities, networking events, online social networks, news updates, and giving.


Fairhaven alumni groups could connect through deacde, geography, and/or areas of interest. A filmmaker moving to New England, for example, might want to know if any Fairhaven graduates who studied film live nearby--or, might want to just catch up with some one she sat next to in David Mason's class.


You might be a lawyer practicing in San Franscisco who wants to offer an internship or mentoring to one of our students working with the Center for Law, Diversity & Justice. Or, maybe you live right here in Bellingham, and you'd like to share some of your experience with one of our students working on an Independent Study Project on entrepreneurship.



Fairhaven College maintains a supplemental transcript for any student who has completed Fairhaven College coursework. Order Fairhaven Transcript | WWU Transcripts


Updates & Contact Information

Fairhaven College's 40th Anniversary is coming up in 2010, and we'd like for you to update your contact information with the WWU Alumni Association so we can inform you of the specific dates and events Facebook | Linkedin

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Memories Project

The history of Fairhaven College lies in the multiple stories of those who have spent any time there, in any capacity. Read more



Alumni & Friends are always welcome at Fairhaven College events! Please join us weekly each quarter for the World Issues Forum!

World Issues Forum

College Calendar


Support Fairhaven

Gifts for scholarships and student grants provide direct and meaningful support to Fairhaven's students.

How to Give