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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Fairhaven College pathways


The official transcript, held in the Western Washington University Registrar's Office, lists all Fairhaven and other WWU classes and studies completed. 


Fairhaven College maintains a supplemental transcript for any student who has completed Fairhaven College coursework, and students can access their Fairhaven evaluations via web4u at any time.  Supplemental transcripts of Fairhaven College course descriptions, student and faculty evaluations may be ordered from the College by filling out the supplemental transcript order form click here.


WWU Registrar >

Fairhaven Records >

Access your evals through WEB4U >


Request supplemental Fairhaven College transcripts:

To order and pay for you Fairhaven College supplement transcript on-line click here.


Fairhaven will receive and begin processing your request on the following day.



Questions? Contact:

Joanna Reynoso

Curriculum & Records Manager 

(360) 650-3683