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Community Resources

World Issues Forum: Gilda SheppardSpeaking Engagements

Community partners, World Issues Forum Speakers, Fairhaven College Alumni, retired faculty and many others come to speak to our students and faculty about local and global issues in their fields of expertise.


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Teaching Courses

Students at Fairhaven learn from community members who are Visiting, Adjunct and Retired faculty teaching audio recording to poetry to grantwriting each quarter. If you're interested in teaching at Fairhaven, please submit your application to the Fairhaven College Limited Term Faculty Vacancy Pool via WWU Human Resources for consideration by the Fairhaven College Curriculum Committee. If you're interested in a long-term position at Fairhaven, check out the Human Resources page for more information on current vacancies.


Whatcom Civil Rights Project

Founded in the fall of 2001 on the initiative of local attorney Breean Beggs, the Whatcom Civil Rights Project (WCRP) is a joint endeavor of LAW Advocates, the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force, and Fairhaven College, Western Washington University. Working in conjunction with a network of local attorneys, WCRP provides legal assistance and advocacy to victims of discrimination and civil rights abuse in Whatcom County. About WCRP >



Support World Issues at Fairhaven

Fairhaven depends on our community to support the education of Fairhaven students with donations for scholarships, grants, and other funds. There are many ways to give to Fairhaven, so please see our Giving page for more information.

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