Responding to -- and preventing -- sexual violence

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Consultation & Sexual Assault Support is Western’s confidential resource for students who have been affected by sexual or relationship violence. 

CASAS’ professional and peer advocates work with survivors to ensure they connect with campus and community  resources -- from emotional and medical help to reporting and legal assistance -- all in an effort to ensure that students continue to be academically successful, and have the support necessary to heal from their experiences. 

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Peer Health Educator Program

Together Against Sexual Violence

CASAS also provides support to partners, friends, or family members of those who have experienced sexual violence.  Anyone who has experienced any kind of sexual or relationship violence is encouraged to utilize this resource, whether it occurred days or years ago. 

Western is fully dedicated to not only supporting survivors of many forms of sexual or relationship violence, but also to creating and sustaining a safe environment where sexual violence does not occur.  We recognize that discussing the root causes of sexual and relationship violence is a key component in prevention. 

Through Prevention and Wellness Services, Western’s peer health educator group WEAVE, Western Empowerment and Violence Education, leads violence prevention and bystander intervention outreach presentations to hundreds of students each year. The group also works to raise awareness about sexual violence by creating publicity materials and appearing at many campus events to promote bystander empowerment to increase community safety.

Western’s “Together Against Sexual Violence” website also includes a wide variety of resources around recovering from and reducing the risk of sexual violence: