Careers and Networking

The job market is improving for new grads

Western's employment survey of 2014-15 graduates indicates continuing improvement in the job market for recent alumni,especially in terms of field-related hiring. Spring 2016

Plus: Five things families can do to help their students launch their careers. Winter 2016


Students use their skills to serve the community

Thousands of students each year put their academic skills to work in the community through service learning. One student shared his experience doing a class project with a legal assistance group in Bellingham. Spring 2014



Plan ahead for campus leadership jobs

Students who work with Admissions, orientation programs, academic advising, Residence Life and other important student services gain crucial leadership experience -- and often get paid. But students who want these jobs need to plan ahead; hiring often takes place one or two quarters before the first day of work. Learn more about qualifications, deadlines, and which jobs come with a paycheck. Fall 2014